Lawn Fertilizer Do You Need It - Taking a Closer Look at the Benefits of Fertilizer
by S. Kabeer
June 25, 2019

A lush, thick, green lawn is something that most homers strive to achieve, unfortunately, it’s often a lot more work than many bargained on. That healthy lawn appearance doesn’t just happen on its own, in reality, it takes a fair amount of work and knowledge on your part. Things such as regular seeding, cutting the grass, and watering it are all part of the process, but how about fertilizer? There are plenty of homeowners who have either never used fertilizer, or they have only to have gone about it the wrong way.

Here we’ll take a look at everything fertilizer-related, including the reasoning behind using it at all.

Why Use Fertilizer?

The first question that homeowners typically have regarding fertilizer is why use it in the first place? Is it really necessary? Lawn fertilizer is incredibly important to the overall health of your lawn. It works in conjunction with the nutrients that are naturally found in the soil to help your lawn thrive and survive, even in tough conditions. It feeds your lawn so it gets that beautiful green color, you'll find that the grass grows faster, and it replaces any nutrients that naturally disappear on its own.

What Kind of Fertilizer is Best?

This question really depends on where you live, the type of soil you have, if you are also dealing with weeds, and what time of year it is. In general, most fertilizers are made up of three main nutrients, which are potassium to give it strength especially during drought, phosphorus to make sure the stems and roots thrive and are strong, and nitrogen, which is responsible for healthy growth.

When Should You Fertilize?

Another common question is when the best time of year is to fertilize. In reality, you don’t want to be doing it just once a year, rather you want to be using different formulations at various time periods. Ideally, you should fertilize once in the fall, spring, and early summer.

Call in the Professionals

Of course, at the end of the day, all this amounts to more work for you. Combine the amount of work with the fact that if you don’t use the right type of fertilizer, and spread it correctly, you can end up damaging your lawn, it is often enough to put people off. This is when a professional lawn maintenance company can be of assistance.

Take, for example, KG Landscape, which offers lawn services in the Minneapolis area. KG Landscape can look after the fertilizer for you, as they know what kind is best, what time of year is best, how much is needed, and will give you lawn care tips that follow up the fertilizer treatment. They can even mix it with a weed control product to help you get control of any weeds you may be dealing with.

Starting Enjoying a Gorgeous and Lush Lawn

By making the choice to fertilize your lawn a few times a year, you’ll be giving it the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.


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