Behind the Scenes at Gauguin: Voyage to Paradise
by Selby Gardens
May 5, 2019

Ongoing through June 30

If you’re visiting the exhibit for the first time or the 21st time, you may be interested in learning a few behind the scenes facts about the exhibit! As you enjoy the lush botanical displays in the Gardens and the works of Paul Gauguin in the Museum, keep an eye open for a few hidden gems and little known facts about the exhibit! What to Look For:

1. There are many hand-crafted wooden tikis within the entire Gardens, but one is different from the others. Keep an eye out for this special one! Can you spot it?

2. How many edible plants can you find throughout the Exhibit? Staples of Polynesian cuisine are scattered throughout the Gardens, so the number may surprise you. Hint: The Great Lawn is growing a starchy plant popular in the South Pacific.

3. When visiting The Museum of Botany & The Arts, you will notice the window display featuring a Tahitian scene, but can you find the matching vintage Polynesian postcard in the Museum?

4. Have you noticed the most used plant in the exhibition? The Selby Gardens' horticulture team used many plants from this diverse plant family throughout the exhibit. Hint: Taro and the Calla Lily are both in this family.

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