Top 10 Greenhouse Gardening Mistakes
by M Huzaifa
April 30, 2019

Are you a beginner in greenhouse mistakes? For sure, you are curious about the proper ways of taking care of your plants, from seeds until they grow and bear fruits.

Some plants are complex, the practice of growing them in greenhouse demands for extra balance and care. So, it is now time for you to discover the top 10 mistakes to avoid for greenhouse gardening.

THE TEMPERATURE Neglecting the control over the temperature

From day-to-day gardening, some gardeners forget to monitor the temperature in the greenhouse. By neglecting the ideal temperature, it can affect the growth of the plants.

During hot summers, the ideal greenhouse temperature is from 75 to 85 degree Fahrenheit during daytime while 60 to 76 degree Fahrenheit at night. As for winter months, you need to make some adjustments. It should be 65 to 70 degree Fahrenheit in the day while 45 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

THE SHADEDisregarding the need for shade

Despite your effort in monitoring the required temperature, there are times that you forget to provide your plants with shade. You have to be aware that when the greenhouses heat up, both air temperature and leaf temperature will rise.

THE NEARBY TREESBeing inconsiderate about the nearby trees

Placing your greenhouses in the inappropriate location can bring some issues as you start growing your plants. If you do not consider the nearby trees before building your greenhouse, they can shade the greenhouse as well as drop debris year-round.

THE VENTILATIONForgetting the Proper Ventilation

Why is ventilation important to greenhouse gardening? It can help you keep the greenhouse temperature balance. To determine the required ventilation, all you have to do is to divide the total floor space by five.

THE FUNGUSFailing to monitor the growth of fungus

The warm, moist environment can be inviting to fungus to grow. In the case that your greenhouse has high humidity, little air circulation, as well as there are dew or water on the leaves. The fungus is encouraged to grow.

THE AMOUNT OF WATERWatering less or more

In greenhouse watering, the quantity of water is essential. You have to adjust the amount of water according to the climate so that plants can receive adequate water.

THE SOILReducing the soil

Soil management is essential if you are planning to grow plants in your greenhouse. If you fail in this part, soil can lose fertility, attract pests as well as become compacted.

THE HUMIDITYNot considering proper humidity

Although humidity is greenhouse water cycle’s natural part, you still have to control it. You can ventilate your greenhouse during the hot part of the day and turn off the cooling fan before night.

THE WRONG PLANTSGrowing the wrong plants

Before you start growing plants, you need to consider which one is ideal for the greenhouse. That way, you will not waste your time and effort growing the wrong one.

THE LIGHTLimiting Light

Light contribute to the proper growth of the plants. Condensation can reduce light transmission, so you need to keep the greenhouse cover clean.

Greenhouse gardening mistakes are not only observed to the beginners — even those who have already tried gardening for a few times but still, commit these mistakes. To prevent them from becoming a habit, take an effort to learn them and become extra careful when growing plants. To help you find perfect greenhouses that require low maintenance, Halls Lean to Greenhouses is an excellent choice.


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