How Do I Prepare My Garden for Spring
by Stephen Davies
April 2, 2019

With spring right around the corner, you are ready to enjoy a healthy, blooming garden. Before you plant, you need to take time to prepare the area. These 10 steps will make sure you have a successful garden this season.

Get Your Tools in Order

Before you even think about planting, you need to gather all the tools you need. This means clearing out your shed. Clean all your tools, making sure blades are sharp and free of corrosion. Take inventory of your supplies. If you’re running low on soil or fertiliser, now is the time to stock up.

Get Rid of Overgrowth and Weeds

Unless you were meticulous about cleaning your garden during the winter, your garden is most likely full of weeds and overgrowth. All this needs to be removed before you plant anything new.

Prune Current Plants

If you have any trees or shrubs in your garden, take the time to prune the branches. Cut back perennials so they can grow to back. Be sure to sterilise pruning shears between each plant to avoid spreading bacteria and disease in your garden.

Remove Any Pests

Unwanted pests can wreak havoc on your garden. Before planting for the season, make sure your garden is free of snails, slugs, weevils, and aphids. Treat the area to prevent future infestations.

Scrub the Greenhouse

If you use a greenhouse, spring is the time of the year to deep clean it. A dirty greenhouse may spread disease to your plants. Use antiseptic cleaners to ensure every nook and cranny is free of germs and bacteria.

Choose the Right Plants

Head over to a local nursery to figure out which flowers and plants you want to include in your garden. A gardener can help you choose plants that will thrive in the same space. They can also help you create a layout that will ensure all your plants get enough food and sunlight.

Get the Soil Ready

You can’t plant anything until someone has prepared the soil. Aerate the top of the soil and add fertilizer. Apply a thick layer of mulch everywhere you can. This will help prevent unwanted weeds from penetrating the surface.

Plant Vegetables and Shrubs Early

If you want to have a vegetable garden, now is the best time to plant. You should plant potatoes, onions, lettuce, and other hardy vegetables as you prepare for spring. Trees and shrubs are also ready to be planted.

Plan Now for Summer Flowers

Other plants won’t bloom until summer, but you should plant them now. This includes a vast range of colourful flowers. Choose a variety of flowers to really add brightness to your garden.

Gradually Transition Seedlings

Don’t rush your plants. If you’re moving seedlings from the greenhouse to your outdoor garden, make the transition as smooth as possible. Move your seedlings outside and keep them in their planting trays for another week or two before planting them into the ground. This will help them better adjust to the outdoor environment.

Do seek professional advice from local tradespeople for tips on preparing for Spring if this is not familiar ground.

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