Create Your Own Cut Flower Garden
by NGB - Allison Zeeb, Manager of Cut Flower Product Development, American Takii
March 13, 2019

Bring the outdoors in and keep your garden full of blooms with a cut flower garden. A simple and easy way to create homemade bouquets while still enjoying your garden outside.

Here are 5 unique cut flowers to add to your cut flower garden this year!

1. Sunflower – Sunrich Gold

Sunflowers are my number one thing to grow in my garden. A few sprinkles of seeds here and there and these flowers will brighten up anyone’s day. What’s great about the Sunrich series is that the sunflowers are known for their quality, vase life, and perfect smiling face. Sunrich Gold is my number one pick because it’s a green center sunflower! A perfect eye-catcher for any bouquet.

Growing Tip: Space your sowings out over several weeks to ensure sunflower blooms throughout the summer.

Bouquet Tip: Sunflowers can stand alone in an arrangement because their warm colors brighten up any table.

2. Gomphocarpus physocarpa

It’s all in the name. Seriously, a cut flower with the most unusual appearance and name (a member of the Milkweed family with common names Ballon Plant and Hairy Balls). A light green fruit covered in small hairs with round soft sides. They will create the most fascinating arrangements.

Growing Tip: This is a full sun crop, so make sure it’s planted where the sun shines all day.

Bouquet Tip: Pair with sunflowers or dianthus for a pop of color to make them shine!

3. Gomphrena – Audray Bicolor rose

An everlasting flower is a key component of any cutting garden. Gomphrena adds great texture in arrangements and in your garden. I love Audray Bicolor Rose because the globe like flower starts at the base in a deep purple and then transitions to light pink or white.

Growing Tip: Gomphrenas produce multiple stems per plant, so no need to plant too many! (I’d stick to sunflowers for that.)

Bouquet Tip: Gomphrena adds a great accent to any arrangement. They do well without water, perfect for the forgetful home designers.

4. Snapdragon – Chantilly series

An inside out snapdragon…flower wise! These flowers resemble tiny petunias. An interesting shape that will liven up your home. Snapdragons have prolific blooms with varieties in multiple colors, great accents for any arrangement. It’s the perfect year to grow Snapdragons since we are celebrating the Year of the Snapdragon!

Growing Tip: Start these flowers in early Spring to get good height and amazing color.

Bouquet Tip: Stick them in the middle of your arrangement to get the height you need and a pop of color.

5. Delphinium – Aurora Deep Purple

A pollinator attractor, delphiniums are a must for any garden. Planting a few for the cut flower garden will create dramatic pieces for your dining room table. The Aurora series has outstanding vase life and stem strength. The Deep Purple variety adds plum colored flowers with shocking white centers.

Growing Tip: As a perennial in many growing zones, space plants to allow for future growth.

Bouquet Tip: Delphiniums, either alone or in combinations, are an ideal addition to any garden-style arrangement.

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