Vital Tips to Consider when Choosing a New Orleans Landscaping Company
by M. Hazaifa
February 12, 2019

There are exceptionally well maintained and immaculately tended landscaping projects in New Orleans, and then there is landscaping that leaves a lot to be desired. What makes a landscaping project truly exemplary, eye-popping, and a cut above the rest is the kind of landscaper that you settle for. In landscaping circles, what you pay for is what you get, so if you choose a gifted New Orleans landscaping company, you'll get top-notch services. With so many inexperienced, unprofessional, and unqualified landscaping services, how do you ensure that you choose well?

Experience is Pretty Much a Necessity

You’ll have as much as a snowball’s chance in hell of getting great landscaping results if you use an inexperienced landscaping services provider. Let’s cut to the chase; you cannot have a hope in the world of getting formidable Landscapers if you do not consider the level of experience that they have garnered over the years. By using a newbie landscaper with zero experience, the chances are that you will get mediocre service at the most. Make sure that you select a vastly experienced New Orleans landscaping company that has a few tips up their sleeves.

Referrals and Recommendations Always Come in Handy

A typical run of the mill New Orleans landscaping company should have a sterling reputation that is cast in stone as a provider of world-class landscaping services. In a nutshell, this company should be the talk of the town, and their name should be on everyone's lips. By asking for referrals and recommendations from trustworthy friends and family in New Orleans, getting excellent Landscapers will be a walk in the park. It doesn’t hurt to check online reviews posted by clients who have sampled their services.

Prowess in Customized Landscaping Designs is Non-negotiable

When it comes to landscaping, clients have an extensive repertoire of ideas and designs all geared to make their outdoor space stand out from the rest. This means that landscaping designs may be all the rage but unfortunately not what the client wants. Therefore, a landscaping company worth its salt should be highly versatile, creative, and extremely adept at creating tailor-made landscaping designs that are uniquely different. Never settle for a landscaper without the expertise, experience, and skills of customizing the client's ideas into an outstanding work of art.

Ask to See Proof of Insurance and Bonding

When you decide to begin a landscaping project in New Orleans, you should go the whole nine yards to ensure that you are covered on all fronts. You should never leave anything to chance when it comes to the landscaping services provider. So it is imperative that you check whether the landscaper is insured and bonded. Sometimes it is inevitable that damage and injuries will occur in the course of the landscaping. The aesthetic nature of your outdoors may be marred by carelessness on the part of the landscaper. Over pruned trees and damaged lawns are just some of the unfortunate scenarios. Make sure that the company is covered.

Check for Specialties

Expecting that every New Orleans landscaping company is highly conversant with all the intricacies of landscaping is a big fat lie. Landscaping needs vary from client to client, and also in magnitude and scope. Before you choose a landscaper to deliver the project of your dreams, ask them if they are well versed in the particular landscaping tasks at hand. You may need stump grinding services, but the landscaper you choose doesn't have the skills and expertise to handle the task. Before committing yourself, be sure that the landscaper is adept at the task.


Remember, regardless of how much money you have or however grand the landscaping ideas and designs, it would be an exercise in futility if you choose the wrong landscaper. Never ignore your gut instincts when selecting a landscaper as it may save you a lot of money and heartache. Sometimes if the landscaping company doesn't feel right, give them a wide berth and move on to the next prospect. Always remember to select a landscaper with more than passable communication skills and with an undeniable passion for landscaping.


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