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4 Ideas for Beautiful Driveway Landscaping
by Joniel
December 18, 2018

Creating a beautiful driveway using landscaping is an idea that’s growing in popularity every year. It enhances the curb appeal of the home while not taking up extra space to deliver an appealing frontage. It does require some careful consideration about the design though, because there are so many different kinds to choose from.

Also, when looking to create a better-looking driveway, don’t forget about security aspects too. It’s a good idea to get a driveway alarm fitted at the same time that will alert you when someone has just driven up or is walking up the driveway to your home. This is better than a camera system alone because it’s capable of detecting a presence and alerting you to it. Depending on how long your driveway is and whether there’s a front gate needing to be released, it makes for a great early warning system for new arrivals.

Here are some ideas for landscaping of the driveway and surrounding areas.

Create a Landscaped Garden on Either Side of the Driveway

Creating some delightful landscaping on either side of the driveway provides a picturesque view that’s normally reserved for the rear garden area. The idea here is to create dual turf on either side as a two-part front garden area. It’s not necessary to include plants too.

Offset the darker gravel driveway with the lush green of real grass to provide a stark color contrast. Also, consider laying large irregular flagstone as a path along the side of the driveway to separate each garden area. This gives the pathway up to the house a distinctiveness that it otherwise wouldn’t possess.

Build a Driveway Around Tall Trees

When you already have tall impressive trees growing in your front yard area, then removing them might not be a viable option. Why not take advantage of their presence by building a whole new asphalt driveway around the trees? Building up an attractive bit of landscaping where the trees are growing makes a statement. Creating a separating border along both edges of the driveway delivers clear visual separation for where the driveway ends, and the landscaping begins.

Working with semi-permanent or permanent objects like some trees or a water fountain at the front of the property rather than seeing them as a negative is the way to go. Design with them in mind; see the positive not the negative, visually.

Create a Rocky Outcropping as an Embankment

Building up a deliberate steep embankment to the side of the paved driveway injects a totally different visual element. The enhanced height is very useful with landscaping both for the driveway and the surrounding area too. A rocky outcropping along the side of the embankment acts as a rough border but can also layer up in several stages to let the eye move up gradually.

Why not have a swing set or an elaborate bench to sit out on the embankment? It’ll certainly be different.

Develop a Garden and Plants Alongside the Driveway

Create a complete front garden with a lawn and plants. Bring vibrant colors back to the front area of your property rather than reserving them just for the rear.

Grow perennial plants that bloom yearly and fill the front garden with bursts of color and a delicate fragrance that carries across the air. Use brickwork along the border of the crushed stone driveway for clear visual lines.

When paying attention to the front of your property it gives you greater pride in its ownership. The front yard is no longer just a place to drive up, park your vehicle and walk inside. It’s a unique outdoor space of its very own.


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