How To Take Care Of Your Plants
by M. Huzaifa
December 23, 2018

For a plant to do well, they need proper care and maintenance. Plants too need clean environment, clean air, and proper nutrients and reduced stress.

The following tips will guide you to take care of your plants well:

  1. Keep the Weeds Away
    Weeds compete for nutrients and space with your plants. This can negatively affect the plants growth and yielding. Therefore, you need to keep them off. There are several methods that can be used to remove weeds from your crops. Such methods include, physically pulling off the weeds, using herbicides or landscape fabric. The landscape fabric can be used to control weeds in the patios, driveways and on planting decks. Additionally, the landscape fabric helps retain moisture in the soil, saves mulch and helps in filtration.
  2. Apply Fertilizer Regularly
    Fertilizers provides the plants with nutrients for healthy growth. Indoor plants need fertilizer every 2 to3 weeks. Add the fertilizer on the soil near the plant, but it should not get into contact with the plant. For the outdoor plants you need to apply fertilizer every four to five weeks.
  3. Water the Plants
    Plant needs enough water to grow well. You need to water you plants regularly. Lack of water will cause the plants to dry out. Remember that too much water will damage the plant. It causes the roots to rot, thus the plant will eventually die. For the outdoor plants, you need to water them 2 to 3 times a week. When plants leaves turn yellow and drop, it is an indicator that you are over-watering them.
  4. Keep Pests And Diseases Away
    The common pests and diseases on the plants are the spider mites, sciarid flies, fulsarium among others. They damage the plants. The earlier you spot them, the better and you need to get rid of them immediately.
  5. Prune Regularly
    Plants such as dipladenia grow wide and large. Plants loose foliage on lower branches and they need to be pruned. You need to keep the plant from being too leggy. Also, pruning promotes proper growth and health of the upper part of the plant.
  6. Do Not Plant Too Deeply
    Burying the plants too deeply into soil will cause the plant to wither and eventually die. The plant should be planted close to the soil surface. This enables the plant to easily absorb the nutrients and water from the topsoil.
  7. Remove The Dead Or The Diseased Part Of The Plant
    Remove any diseased part of the plant immediately. This is because it can quickly spread out to other parts of the plants and eventually to other plants in the garden. Cut off the sick part of the plant with a shears from the base.
  8. Adequate Lighting
    For the indoor plants, they need to be exposed to enough sunlight. If your indoor plant does not get adequate light, you can take it outside for a few hours or days. You can keep them close to the window for enough sunlight.

Plants need proper care to do grow well. Hopefully, these tips will guide as you take care of your plants.


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