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Responsible Tree Care Management
by Alison Hedgecoe
October 17, 2018




Trees are an essential part of our environment, not only generating life supporting oxygen, but also providing a habitat and food for a wide variety of insects and animals. The list of benefits goes on though, as trees prevent soil erosion, can help with cooling in the summer around our houses and preventing cold in the winter, not to mention of course, the aesthetic side, where their foliage can be quite beautiful. At the same time, trees can be a source of danger, have the capability to cause severe damage, and have been known to be a bone of contention between neighbours too. Our understanding of trees has grown exponentially in recent years, giving us quality insight into what is and isn’t good for their health.

International Society of Arboriculture

Much of what we now know has been helped along by the work of the International Society of Arboriculture, who through the use of research, technology and education, promote professional practices in tree management, and who are recognised globally as the top source of arboricultural information and knowledge. Their work has been able to identify to those who work with, and around trees, those practices which should be encouraged, and those which belong to a former time, some of which sadly are still being practiced by the uneducated.

The Importance of Good Practice

While trees in urban areas do need to be managed, doing the job properly is vital not only for the health of the tree, but also for the safety of those living around them. One of the worst practices in tree management is lopping, which can be absolutely devastating for a tree. Removal of the trees crown, can leave the tree defenceless against the sun, which can scorch the upper regions of the tree, often leaving it without sufficient foliage to sustain itself, leading to the death of the tree, which can then become dangerous and require removing entirely. In fact quite a number of tree pruning practices are of no benefit whatsoever to the tree, with many being to some degree or other detrimental.

Financial Good Sense

Whether you are looking for services for tree removal in Perth, or just general trimming advice in Sydney, it actually makes good financial sense to work with a complete professional, who really knows what they are doing. While an unscrupulous person might suggest some work, which he knows is bad for the tree, but gets him a job, when in reality leaving the tree alone might have been considered the smartest option, such bad works can lead to further work being required in the future, causing multiple unnecessary payments. An arborist will tell you what the problem is, in the best interests of the tree, regardless of if it means him walking away empty handed.

Individual Attention

Trees even from the same variety are all individuals, exactly the same as us, and require the same level of understanding and care that we individually seek, when we are not feeling the best. There are for example, numerous different pruning options each of which have been shown to have different impacts on the immediate and future health of the tree. In the same way a doctor offers different prescriptions, to his human patient, so the trained professional can be equally selective in providing the best long term care on an individual basis.

A Good Environment

Without trees, our atmosphere would find itself acutely short of life-giving oxygen, so every tree that we help keep photosynthesising is helping keep the levels we need in our air. If you are ever in need of tree management services, a quick and local Internet search will undoubtedly find you many operators. It is well worth the time finding the best qualified, who will do precisely what is needed, so you only pay for the right treatment, which benefits us all.


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