Bulb Flowers - They Add Something

Special to any Room
by iBulb
September 2, 2019

We’ve been bringing cut flowers into our homes for centuries. For something really special, however, make sure that your bouquet includes bulb flowers. The wonderful way they reflect the season and that it brings you back to your roots makes them a source of enjoyment all year through.

Always time for bulb flowers

The range of flowers used in bouquets is almost endless, but did you know that many of them are bulb flowers? These flowers produced from a bulb add an extra touch of tradition. Whether you’ll be filling a king-sized vase with salmon-pink lilies, making a more intimate arrangement of white snowdrops, or giving your sweetheart a single dahlia - bulb flowers will make it special.

A unique character

A bulb already contains everything it needs to produce a beautiful flower. From the first little sprout to a colorful flower: Mother Nature has packed it all into a single little bulb. This is what makes bulb flowers unlike ordinary flowers and gives them their unique character. Bulb flowers let you experience the seasons - spring and autumn for example - right in your own living room. Perfect for today’s ‘back-to-your-roots’ trend that takes us back to yesterday’s customs.

Try combining lilies with bold flowering branches, slip a single tulip into a slender vase, or fill a retro ceramic vase with hyacinths: use your creativity to make a room your very own with special bulb flowers.

Back to the Dutch Golden Age

Even the history of bulb flowers sets them apart. The sultans of the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) had discovered the tulip in Asia and used it to decorate their palaces. Later, traders from the West caught sight of them and a Frenchman by the name of Carolus Clusius brought a flower bulb to Leiden University. During the Dutch Golden Age, the trade in flower bulbs flourished when these plants were cultivated in the sandy region between Leiden and Haarlem that came to be known as the Dutch bulb-growing region.

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