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Summer and love are coming your way

With lilies in pots: the flower trend for 2019
by iBulb
September 23, 2018

Lilies are real summer flowers. Their striking flowers also symbolize femininity, purity and love. This year, we’re seeing a unique version of the lily as a trend in the world of flowers: lilies in pots. They’re a great way to add sparkle to your patio, garden or balcony.

An exotic touch

Lilies have always been seen as show-stoppers because of their elegant shape, large flower size and striking stamens. Lilies are available in a wide range of colors, and some even have spots or stripes. All of this means that these flowers will add a sparkling exotic touch to your outdoor living space. Not a bad thing during those sizzling hot summer days!

A flower with associations

The lily has traditionally been a flower with special associations. Greek and Roman brides often wore a crown of lilies to assure them of a pure and fertile life. In the prudish Victorian era, a gentleman could let a lady know of his affection by bringing her a sweet-smelling lily. It was his way of saying, ‘I want to be your lover’!

Nice to combine with soft materials

This summer, make a statement in your garden by alternating lilies in large round pots with sleek pieces of garden furniture. Another trend is the combination of lilies in wicker baskets next to soft materials such as cushions and throws. Smaller lilies in pots used in hanging plant bags can either suggest a look to the future or take us back to the warm cozy 1980s. But however you use them, lilies will add sparkle to your garden, patio or balcony.

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