Garden Shed Design
by Alison Hedgecoe
August 26, 2018




Pretty much every man who considers himself a bit of a handyman likes to have somewhere to store all of his tools and equipment. and have a place to do any of the work necessary, often installing a few creature comforts and making it into a personal retreat or man-cave. The garden shed can be the perfect option to not only store everything but brings multiple other benefits too. When you are thinking about having a shed installed probably the first question you need to be asking yourself is what is its purpose going to be, what is going to happen in there and how are you going to use it on a routine basis? In addition to the routine benefits it can bring, a nice sized, well-constructed shed, with good aesthetics, can also increase the resale value of your property.

Looking after the Garden

A properly utilised shed has a single huge benefit that absolutely everything you have for maintenance, repairs and looking after the garden is all conveniently located in one place. You won’t need to hunt high and low through the house for particular tools, because you will know exactly where to find it, making any job faster. Looking after a garden does require a fair amount of equipment, which will not only look unsightly if left lying around, but will also see the equipment damaged by the elements. Not to mention pots, bags of fertiliser, sand or cement, the shed keeps it all tidily out of view and protected.

Free up the Garage

The average garage is generally pretty cluttered up, with everything from bikes and surfboards, to tools and the lawn mower, making everything squeezed for space and generally dysfunctional for any real work. Sheds from Melbourne free up the garage, which has the added benefit of not having garden debris regularly trampled in through the entire house. The average garage gets used to store all sorts of stuff, which once stored in the shed, will give you much more space and enable a better sense of order for that which remains and is being used all of the time.

A Workshop

Many people do not have sufficient space within the house for a workshop and the garden shed can offer a very economical solution. When you choose the right size, you will not only have space for all of the tools and things being stored, but room also for a workbench, enabling all sorts of maintenance and improvement projects. The shed doesn’t have to have a single house style door, and the addition of a garage style door really opens up possibilities for larger scale projects and makes getting everything out and back in again so much simpler.

Garden shed design has changed much through the years, with many styles today having great aesthetics, which can make the shed an attractive, as well as functional addition to the back yard. Whether you need storage space, a place to work, or just somewhere for a bit of peace and quiet, the shed can provide it all, and for any handyman worthy of the title, the garden shed is simply a must have item.


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