10 Neat Things About Lilies
by Ian Leatt
August 26, 2018

1. Where can you find me?

Lilies can be found all over Canada, USA, India, Japan, Australia and Europe. They are one of the most prevalent flowers to be grown. All flower lovers choose to have them in their homes and gardens.

2. Believe what you like!

Across the world many different cultures have different meanings for lilies. In China, for instance, they believe it brings good luck (especially in Feng Shui). In the Middle East they are considered to be holy. In Greece, on the other hand, the lily is associated with motherhood. Christians believe the lily means chastity and innocence.

3. How pure am I?

Certain lilies symbolize other meanings based on their colour. For example, the white lily is seen as pure, while daylilies represent flirtation and romance, tiger lilies are thought to highlight both royalty and wealth and the lily of the valley is all that is sweet and nice.

4. Mind our furry friends!

If you are a lover of cats, try to keep them away from lilies. They are highly toxic to our little furry friends. Not all lilies are toxic though, mind these few; Easter lily, daylily, Asiatic lily, tiger lily, peace lily, calla lily, and lily of the valley, among others.

5. What, imposters?

There are many familial flowers that we think are lilies, but hold on, this may not be the case! Lilies such as the daylily, waterlily, calla lily, and arum lily all belong to other flowering groups!

6. I'm in the top ten, yeah for me!

Lilies are said to be the forth most chosen flowers around the world, which can only mean they are a very popular choice for flower arrangements and bouquets.

7. How long do I live?

Lilies boast a very long vase life, but did you know you can extend that even further? How, you ask? If you remove the pollen from inside the flower it lasts so much longer. If you chose to display lilies take advantage of this little tidbit.

8. Do I really smell as sweet as all that?

You may already be aware of this and it is hard to believe, but lots of lilies are fragrance and aroma free. White lilies are the only scented species, coloured varieties have no fragrance whatsoever.

9. How pretty am I really?

The size of a lily depends on the species, they can grow from two to six feet tall, have four to eight blossoms. The foliage is dark green. Blooms open at various times of the year but when in bloom they can last for up to two weeks. Colours include red, orange, pink, white, yellow. Many have deep colours and some have speckles, some even have a black outline around the edges of each petal, who needs makeup when it grows naturally.

10. What are the gods for, but to help us mere mortals

The Greek god Apollo is said to have presented the 'Lily of the valley' to Aesculapius, the renowned healer of their time. In modern times a number of different lilies boast amazing health benefits. The ailments treated are depression, angina, heart disease and anxiety. Additionally, many different cultures use them to treat a variety of other ailments, usually in the form of oils or balms. Here's a beauty tip, certain extracts from a lily can help to brighten the skin and reduce scars.

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