Eradicating Wasps Nests: Why You Should Leave It to the Pros
by Alison Hedgecoe
July 26, 2018




If you notice an infestation on your premises, it is important to address the problem as soon as possible. A sting from a wasp can be painful, especially if they attack a young child. The best thing to do is to erect a barrier around the area and wait until a professional pest control expert can eliminate the hive. A DIY job comes with many risks, to avoid injury, you should leave it to the pros.


If you choose to eradicate a wasps nest by yourself, you’ll need the right type of chemicals for the job. If you’ve no experience in dealing with wasp infestations, how will you know what products to purchase? A professional exterminator who deals with wasp and bee control in Merthyr or other areas in the UK will have access to agents at a much lower price than the average homeowner. This means they’ll be able to charge you less for their services, you also won’t waste money on the wrong products.

Wasps aren’t just wasps, there are lots of different species, so you must know what you are dealing with when buying a chemical to exterminate a hive. Different types of wasps may need a different kind of insecticide to get rid of them, if you get the wrong one, you could easily make the problem worse.

Avoidable Exposure

One of the main reasons why most business and homeowners alike choose to leave wasps nest alone and wait for professionals is to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. If you don’t know what you are spraying in your home or business, you really shouldn’t go anywhere near a nest until a professional has arrived. Ask yourself some of these questions before you decide to exterminate a wasps nest without expert assistance:

  • Am I qualified to deal with an infestation?
  • What happens if I spray the wrong chemicals in my home or business?
  • Could these chemicals be harmful to other employees or occupants of my home?
  • How will I react if any wasps attack?
  • What type of protective clothing should I use?

A lot of things could and do go wrong when an amateur attempts to exterminate a wasps nest, they are aggressive insects that can cause fatal injuries if they attack in swarms or the person is unaware they are allergic to their sting.

Preventative Measures

The most beneficial thing about waiting for a professional to remove a wasps nest is that they come to completely eradicate the problem, if their initial attempts don’t work, they’ll visit your premises again to tackle the issue. They’ll also take preventative measures to ensure you aren’t faced with the same infestation again, this stops wasps rebuilding their nest.

Approaching a wasps nest comes with a lot of risks, you may be allergic to a sting that could be fatal. To avoid putting yourself in harms way, you should contact a professional exterminator to deal with an unwanted visitor. Wasps are extremely aggressive creatures if they feel like you are threatening their hive, they’ll attack with dangerous force.



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