5 Reasons for Putting Artificial Plants In Your Garden
by Alison Furber
June 26, 2018




In Australia, we love our gardens and we spend a great deal of our time out there. We have BBQ’s, get together with family and friends and if we need to relax the garden is the place we go to. However, due to our hectic lifestyles, we have less and less time to take care of our gardens and they end up being overgrown and generally out of control. This allows insects, animals and snakes to move in and set up home there and this can end up being very dangerous for us and our families. That bush that looked so good when it was first planted is now a mess and all that money spent on those beautiful flowers was a waste of money because they are all dead. There is a way to protect the investment that is your garden and it is the introduction of artificial plants.

Live plants are no longer the norm and artificial plants in Melbourne are now all the rage. Artificial plants are making their way indoors and outdoors and there are many materials to choose from. There are plastic and silk that can be designed and shaped to look exactly like the real thing. In some cases, they even feel the same. If you were thinking of setting up a small pond in your garden, then you can use artificial plants for this. There are artificial shrubs, small trees, grass and flowers that can all be used to make your garden look beautiful. There are many benefits when compared to natural plants and we will look at some of them now.

  1. There Are No Changes Due To The Seasons – As you know, in Autumn and other parts of the year, plants lose their leaves and foliage which changes their appearance and also covers your garden with leaves that need to be cleaned up. This is time consuming and if it isn’t cleaned up, then it can be a home for many dangerous snakes and insects. You won’t have these issues with artificial plants as they are not affected by the seasons. You bought them because they looked good and you want that look all year round and all you need to do occasionally, is to give them a wash with the hose and they will look great again.
  2. Require Less Attention – Artificial plants need less care and attention as they can easily look after themselves. When you compare them to real plants, there is no need to water them, to provide shade or more sunshine, and they don’t need any fertiliser to make them grow. You just choose the height that you want and they stay that way. You don’t need to get a gardener to prune and you don’t need a tree doctor to check if they are sick. Basically, they just look good all the time.
  3. Much more Durable – The materials that they use to create these beautiful artificial plants are made to last and are of very high quality. Most of them are resistant to insects and other critters and they are also water resistant due to the coating applied to the stem and the leaves. They will still be standing in your garden when all the real ones have died off.
  4. Very Realistic – You really need to get right up close to see if they are artificial or not and in most cases you have to reach out and touch them to be sure. Even then you are not completely sure as many artificial plants are made to feel like the real thing. In some cases the manufacturer deliberately adds little blemishes here and there to make it look like an insect has been nibbling on the leaves. These types of plants pass the test every time and most cannot tell the difference by just looking.
  5. No Help From Nature – When you go on your holidays there is no need to ask the neighbour to water your plants as they don’t need it. They don’t need moisture, sunlight and air to survive and this means that you can place them where ever you want in the garden. There’s no need to worry about a part of the garden being too sunny or not sunny enough as artificial plants don’t need natures help at all.

Artificial plants are definitely the way forward in the gardens of Australia. There is no taking care of them except the occasional wipe with some water and you won’t be out hundreds of dollars every year buying new ones.


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