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Canada Blooms 2018

March 9 - 18, 2018
by Canada Blooms
February 11, 2018

Growers Grove At Canada Blooms

Growers Grove is a celebration of Ontario's nursery plants at Canada Blooms. You might not know it but, the plants produced by Nursery Growers shape the world that surrounds us. It is one of the few industries that whose products literally interact with, or are seen by the majority people every single day. Think about it, it would be difficult to embark on a daily travel without passing a plant, and most of the plants you see are grown by this hardworking and dedicated group. Drop by Growers Grove and speak to a professional about what plants would be best for your next landscape project and where you can find them.

Toronto Flower Show

Ever wonder what it takes to produce a best of show floral design? Puzzled about why your favourite exhibit failed to place at all? What are the judges looking for when they look at a design and what are their credentials, anyway? Being a judge is not an easy job, says Garden Club of Toronto member Helen Skinner, who has been judging shows in Canada and around the world for decades. "There is not a single judge who goes home feeling they've been perfect in all their decisions," says Skinner how also helps train judges. There are criteria to look for and rules to follow but it often comes down to an ultimate feeling about the design. "Some entries fulfill all the requirements yet leave you feeling flat," says Skinner "while others just sing."

Unlike judges in some other arts, flower show judges have to prove they know how to do it too. Not only must they complete courses at an accredited judging school and three years of judging and exhibiting their own work (attaining first place red ribbons), but judges in each category must continue to attend lectures and take exams to maintain their membership in the Ontario's judges' council. The judges look for the following fundamentals of design:

BALANCE: is it top-heavy or leaning to one side?

RHYTHM IN DESIGN: How does the eye move? Does it keep going through the whole design?

CONTRAST: Is there a pleasing choice and placement of colour? Is there variety in the foliage, texture, in flower size and shape?

DOMINANCE: Does a certain colour stand out? There should be enough colour to keep the design from being boring but not too much to drown out the rest of the design.

PROPORTION AND SCALE: Is the amount of plant material to container in proportion? Is there enough design for the space given? INTERPRETATION: Does the exhibit reflect the title theme? Is it creative?

So keep this in mind when you look over the design entries at the Toronto Flower Show, because they are offering you the opportunity to also be a judge and choose your favourite floral designs.

Flower Power

Floral Day At Canada Blooms

Host Tanner Z from Cineplex and Jennifer Harvey of Canadian Academy of Floral Art will be on hand to open the Floral Day at Canada Blooms. Tanner ties the theme of the show "Let's Go To the Movies" and Floral Day together. Tanner and Jennifer will be filming and doing social media moments all day!

Come see how the floral industry serves not only our communities but, also why the floral industry is so valuable to the celebration of all our lives.

What's Happening on Tuesday?

• "Ask the florist" hosted by floral designers-during peak hours, if you have a question they will be happy to answer it for you.

• Live demo and floor installation of floral art built on the floor during peak hours

• 3 shows on main stage including Mystery Box Challenge at 1 pm Floral fashion show at 3 pm Professional Competition at 5 pm

Floral Alley Awards will be given out at a Special Event in the Lounge At C.B. at 6 pm. This is a private event for Floral Alley participants and Industry Professionals.

  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row