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Best Chainsaw Quick Buying Guide
by M. Huzaifa
January 2, 2018

If you are wondering what the best chainsaw that you can get these days is, you’ve reached the perfect place. A chainsaw is a potent and useful tool that can help you complete all kinds of jobs such as cutting firewood, trimming bushes and more activities efficiently.

It’s essential to buy a chainsaw that you can operate efficiently and safely.

While you are wondering what is the best chainsaw for the money, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that spending more cash does not always result in the perfect purchase for your needs. For instance, if you get a chainsaw that’s too expensive because of a ton of features that are packed into it, you might end up getting a tool that is too much for you to handle and this can result in a potential severe danger. As a conclusion, the best chainsaw is not always the most expensive one as well.

Before buying the perfect chainsaw for your needs, you first have to consider a few crucial factors such as the type of the chainsaw, its weight, power, guide bar length and more.

The ideal type of chainsaw for your needs

There are three types of chainsaws.

There are the gas powered ones, electric and battery powered tools. Gas powered chainsaws are ideal for more advanced users because their power can be overwhelming for a beginner. They are perfect for cutting down trees with a professional and commanding tool.

Corded electric chainsaws, on the other hand, are ideal for beginners and they work by the push of a button. They don’t have the same power as the gas powered ones, but they are perfect for doing the essential garden work.

The battery-powered chainsaws provide the best of the other two types. Their power is indicated by the voltage and the higher the voltage, and the more powerful your chainsaw will be. They offer the convenience and safety of the electric chainsaw mixed with the portability of the gas powered one.

The importance of chain types

The chain can come in various shapes and sizes. If you are a beginner, you should go for an anti-kickback chain because it’s safer. It’s essential that you get a chain that you can adjust to the correct depth gauge for the type of wood you plan to cut. The easier it is to adjust your chain and gauge, the more comfortable you will maneuver the chainsaw.

Top handle vs. rear handle

A rear handle chainsaw is the best option for home use. Top-handle chainsaws are targeted at trained professionals who have a lot of experience.

Other factors worthwhile considering when you’re getting a chainsaw

• Consider the primary use of the tool and your experience.

• Think about how often you will use the chainsaw because this can make the difference between a simple chainsaw and a heavy-duty model.

• Consider getting a chainsaw with anti-vibration features if you are a beginner.

• You can make your life easier with a tool-less chain adjustment that lets you adjust your chain tension or bar easier.

• Look for an automatic oiler and anti-kickback chains because these two features enhance safety. Considering these simple elements and features will help you pick the best chainsaw for your needs and budget as well.

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