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Decking The Hall With Plants Of Jolly
by Canada Blooms
December 19, 2017

Ah the Holiday Season. Cool weather, warm fireplaces and time to decorate your home for the holidays! We all know the tried and true holiday plants (poinsettias, cyclamen and mistletoe just to name a few), but with a wide range of plants out there, lets look at some great alternatives that can be used year-round and dressed up or down depending on your style needs.

Agalonema ‘Osaka’ (top right) Commonly referred to as a ‘Chinese Evergreen’, this beautiful tropical plant thrives in low to medium light and easy to care for.

‘Blue Ellwoodii’ Cypress (bottom left) Who wouldn’t want this cute green-blue conifer plant for the holidays? Dress it up in a minimalist concrete pot and you have a beautiful piece of the outdoors to enjoy inside during the cold months.

Anthurium ‘Flamingo Flower’ (centre) A true tropical plant, Anthuriums love a bight, indirectly lit area. Great year round, they come in a variety of stunning colours such as red, coral and bright pink.

Selaginella Fern ‘Spikemoss Jori’ (bottom right) Easy care? Check. Colour changing foliage? Check. Not quite the same as the common “frosty fern” selaginella, ‘Jori’ is great as it offers beautiful green foliage that gets lighter and lighter as it cools.

Pteris ‘Silver Lace’ Fern (top left) Delicate silver-green leaves are the standard for this fern. Pteris are good for low to medium light levels meaning they’re easy to place through out the home or office.

With the holidays around the corner it’s easy to forget to care for your green friends in all the hustle and bustle. If you’re going away for a few days or longer it might be a good idea to water your plants before you leave, or consider doing a pebble tray. Happy Holidays from the Jensen’s Team, and we look forward to seeing everyone at Canada Blooms in the new year!

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