Canada Blooms Prepares For Festival 2018
by Canada Blooms
December 24, 2017

Well it is that time of year again. Canada Blooms Horticultural Director, David Turnbull and his team have been gearing up for the 2018 festival by transporting trees, shrubs and various plants to Otter Greenhouses. Otter has set aside 16,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space to grow these plants over the winter months to be ready for the festival in March.

Along with Otter, there are a huge number of plants that will be growing under the watchful eye of Rodger Tschanz and the University of Guelph team. Rodger, a teacher at U of Guelph, and a frequent speaker at Canada Blooms, created and manages the University’s Ornamental Trial Garden Program.

One week before opening, the trees, shrubs and plants will be transported to the Enercare Centre and then arranged into gorgeous gardens and special feature displays. David says we should expect to see the following shipped just in time for opening day:

200 trees, including Crimson Frost Birch and Kindred Pyromidal Oak

1300 large and small flowering shrubs, including Japanese Maples and All That Glitters Virburnum

900 evergreens, such as Red Rhododendrons and Weeping Larch

1500 perennials and water plants, such as Lavender, Liriope, Little Blue Stem

300+ cubic yards of bark/mulch

1700+ tonnes of sand

2000+ bulbs of every kind

So come on out to this year's festival and leave winter behind you. Enjoy the your first breath of Spring by discovering the sights and smells of thousands of trees, shrubs and plants in March.

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