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How to Grow Organic Medical Marijuana at Home
by M. Huzaifa
August 15, 2017

Medical marijuana has made news headlines in recent years due to the growing body of research on cannabidiols and their impact on health. Cannabidiols and cannabinoids have shown promise in the treatment of cancer, and the concentrated CBD oil has been used to treat brain, liver, prostate, and lymphatic cancer types. The state of California legalized cannabis use in early 2017. With the passing of this legislature, citizens are now able to grow their medical marijuana at home.

The Many Medical Uses of Marijuana

Medical marijuana has many uses for improving human health. The plant does not need to be smoked to receive the health benefits. Extraction methods can now remove the cannabidiols from the plant matter, forming concentrated oil that can be applied topically, or ingested internally.

The most common use of the oil is to swallow a rice grain sized dose every morning. CBD oil does not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound that makes people feel high. Instead, CBD attaches to cannabidiols receptors and works to assist the body’s natural immune response. CBD oil has been used for a wide variety of treatments and is even safe for children to consume. In a case where a child was suffering from epileptic fits that could not be controlled by medication CBD oil was used and eliminated further seizures in the child.

Why Grow at Home?

Now you can grow your medical cannabis at home. If you live in an environment where growing outdoors is not possible, consider ordering your oils from a reputable supplier such as Supurb. If you do live in a climate and environment that can support growing cannabis plants, then growing your own will be the best and most cost-effective solution.

Selecting your Strain

Medical marijuana is available in different ‘strains.' These strains all have different characteristics. Some may be suitable for people suffering from insomnia, while others may improve appetite, or even improve sexual function. Stains vary in physical characteristics and potency. The most potent strains of marijuana ae sativas, while indicas are more predominantly a body high. Choose the right strain for your health condition and make sure your research your options properly before committing to the strain.

Preparing the Soil

Once you have selected your strain, it is time to prepare the growing medium. Cannabis grows best in airy, rich soil. Take a good quality potting mix and fortify it with nutrients and substrates that will improve the growth of the plant and maximize yield for harvest time. Typical substrates and nutrients to add to your soil mix include; kelp meal, fish mix, phosphorous, bone meal, nitrogen, and perlite.

Tips for Vegetation

The vegetative stage of cannabis growth occurs during the first three to six months for regular photoperiod strains. Some auto-flowering strains that will grow from seed to harvest in less than ten weeks, however, most plants are only available as clones or photoperiod strains grown from seed. During vegetation, it is important to develop a healthy root system for the plant. Roots will determine the height and physical strength of the plant.

Tips for Flowering

Flowering a cannabis plant usually takes anywhere from eight to ten weeks depending on the strain. You will know the plant is turning from vegetation to flowering phase when small, white hairs begin to appear at the nodes. Conversely, male plants develop little balls that eventually break open and release pollen. All male plants should be removed as soon as possible to avoid seeding of the final cannabis plants. During this time the plant will need to be fed specialist flowering nutrients to maximize the yield of the plant.

When to Harvest

You will know when to harvest the plant when the white hairs begin to become cloudy and turn light orange. When over 60% of the hairs have this appearance, it is time to harvest. Cut the flowers off and trim them down. Dry the flowers for a week until they are just short of dry and then place them in jars for a further two months to cure the flowers.

In Closing

Cannabis is the most misunderstood and demonized plant in history. Big business and government lobbyists have promoted anti-cannabis propaganda for decades to curb its use. With over three thousand years of recorded use in human society, there has never been a death related to consuming cannabis. Food for thought.

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