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Improper gardening can lead to termite infestations -

Here are some quick tips on how to prevent it
by M. Huzaifa
August 8, 2017

There are many people who love gardening and they start a garden of their own for various reasons. However, one thing that many of them can relate to is the threat of a termite colony.

As careful as they may be, people often times do things that attract termites simply because they don’t know It. It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re unaware of the severity of your actions. That being said, there are many gardening practices that actually invite termite into your home and while they might do some good to the garden, they are doing a lot of bad to your home. Let’s take a gander and see what you should avoid when you’re gardening.

Keep your distance

When you start planting, it’s very important to keep a relatively safe distance between what you’re planting and the house foundation. Planting to close will invite termite in by providing them with an environment in which they can thrive. It’s a very easy to make mistake and many want to make their house foundation with beautiful plants. Little do they know of the threat they’re inviting into their homes.

Lazy with the leaves

If you don’t want to need to look for Termite Control Companies in Garden Grove, you’d better get to it and remove all those leaves that have started to fall from your trees. When Fall comes, it’s fairly easy to be lazy with picking up the leaves. However, leaving them scattered through your garden for too long will invite termites in something crazy. It mostly has to do with the moisture created when leaves clog up drainage and whatnot. It creates a great opportunity for termites to get closer to your home and start chipping away.

Too much water is not good

This is probably one of the most common mistakes made by starting gardeners. Out of the desire of helping the little plants grow faster, they tend to overwater them and thus they are once again creating a suitable environment for termites to prosper in. That’s definitely a lot worse than what most of them may have thought will happen when you decide to drown a plant in water.

Using wood mulches

Wood mulches are not a good idea unless you want termites on your hands. They are especially dangerous when you put them near your house. Termites are attracted to wood mulches and will most likely pay you a visit if you allow them the opportunity. Keep that in mind the next time you pick out your mulches. Removing your own protection Just because you treat soil with a special solution doesn’t mean that it is protected forever. That is especially the case if you decide to dig the area in an attempt to make it look better. You are thus removing your solution from the ground and practically lifting the barrier for termites altogether.

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