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Protecting Plants from Heat Stress
by Jackson & Perkins
August 22, 2017

The keys to success in a hot, dry climate are planting the right cultivars, utilizing the best watering practices, and taking the right protective measures to ensure the lasting life of your plants. First, choose varieties which have been bred to thrive in heat. These perennials are unbothered by high temperatures and will need less tending during those harsh summer months than other less resilient plants.

Heat Proof Plants

Lantana, Echinacea, Iceplants and many other melt-proof plants are ideal for adding breathtaking beauty to unfriendly environments.

Smarter Hydration

Early morning and early evening are the ideal times day to water your plants. Avoid midday watering at all costs. Experienced horticulturists have warned for years against the dangers of mid-afternoon watering and for good reason. No matter how thoroughly you go about it, this practice ends up wasting water because the hot noonday sun quickly evaporates all that precious moisture before it can do your plants any good. To give your plants and your own aching body some reprieve we suggest using drip irrigation systems which supply just the right amount of moisture at the right time for optimum hydration. If hand-watering is preferable to you, that’s perfectly alright too! Instead of the typical daily sprinkling, give your garden a good, deep soaking every 3 to 5 days and your plants will reward you with a lusher and thriving display.

Mulch Appreciated

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but mulch is a gardener’s greatest ally. Most of the time we think of mulch as a natural overcoat to protect our plants in winter, but it is just as beneficial in the harsh summer months as well. Apply 2-3 inches of organic mulch to your plants to keep their roots cool and help them retain water.

By taking these steps you’ll be well on your way to beating the heat with ease! For more information about Wayside Gardens, visit

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