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Keep Your Garden Tidy and Your Toes Toasty

this Spring with Heat Holders
by Heat Holders
February 5, 2017

Anyone with a passion for gardening will know that even in the chilly, start of year temperatures spending time exposed to the elements is a must for keeping an enviable outdoor space. Heat Holders offer a reliable and market-leading solution against even the frostiest of outside climates, perfect for keeping on top of garden maintenance and prepping your plants for the coming season.

Known world-wide as experts in thermal clothing, accessories and homeware, Heat Holders have a long enjoyed popularity with the gardening community, thanks to their convenient, easy to wear designs and diverse product range.

Produced to fit neatly inside boots and wellies, the Heat Holders Wellington and Boot socks help keep toes safe from frosty temperatures, and the fluffy top insulates the leg by preventing warmth from seeping out. They are also available in a selection of colours, and the extra-long length extends to knee height, and helps to prevent rubbing from long periods of wear.

Scarves can be a nuisance, especially when they start unravelling or get caught on shrubbery, so a snugly Neckwarmer is a great alternative. The soft knitted tube shape is easily pulled on or off, and prevents chills from reaching the delicate chest, neck and lower face areas that are so frequently forgotten about. These can also be paired with a matching hat, insulating ears and trapping the warmth that naturally rises from the head.

Heat Holders also offer a variety of gloves that will help keep fingers nimble and protected. The fingerless options offer the best of both worlds: The palms and finger joints are kept snug and mobile, but the fingertips are left free to deal with fiddly tasks as needed.

At Heat Holders, warmth comes first, and since creating the Original Sock, Heat Holders have been adapting and creating new products to meet consumer demand. Since those who spend time tending to plant life as part of their job role or as a hobby are frequently exposed to whatever the outdoors throws at them, what better area to lend Heat Holders world-class expertise? All items are available in a choice of colours, and are sized for both men and women separately, and there is a separate range of Children’s Socks available, which come in both shorted and longer lengths.

For gardening professionals, recreational allotment owners, and those proud of their outdoor spaces, Heat Holders should form the basis of a great thermal system this Spring. For more information, and to purchase visit

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