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Prairie Garden 2017 Now Taking Orders
by The Prairie Garden
January 22, 2017

It is an exciting time to be a prairie gardener. A remarkable potpourri of herb and spice plants are available these days, and gardeners are breaking the bounds of our northern climate growing amazing, diverse selections.

The upcoming Prairie Garden book is dedicated to this goal: connecting gardeners with local information on how to successfully grow everything from culinary classics right on through to exotic spices such as ginger, allspice and even potted cinnamon trees. Local gardeners will love the prairie-centric voice of our contributing authors who intimately understand that info about herbs is all-too-often covered in warmer climate terms... and that is just frustrating.

The plants highlighted in the newest Prairie Garden book reflect a wide range of fragrance, flavors and uses, and our contributors offer an inspiring look at the many ways that herbs and spices weave into our lives. This year’s book also features a comprehensive herb and spice compendium with full color pictures and prairie-specific growing details. Gardens across the prairies are going to be seasoned to perfection this spring!

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