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2016 - The Year in Review by All-America Selections
by AAS
January 2, 2017

What a year for All-America Selections Winners! We had 18 winners in 2016 - 14 edibles and 4 flowers. Many are container suitable and pollinator friendly. When planning your 2017 garden, don't forget to add some AAS Winners. These plants are tested nationwide so you can be assured that these winners will perform great in your garden.

If you want a thorough explanation of the AAS Trialing process, here's a video by one of our judges who does a great job of explaining it. In August, we had our NGB-AAS Summer Summit in Madison, Wisconsin where our AAS judges, AAS Display Gardens, NGB members, breeders, brokers, growers, retailers, media, and garden writers come together to learn and rejuvenate their gardening enthusiasm. Like you, we are now thinking ahead to 2017 and looking forward to all the new varieties we can grow!

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