Canada Blooms 2017 Update

Celebrating Nursery Plants in Ontario and more....
by Canada Blooms
December 6, 2016

The Nursery Plants of Ontario Showcase at Canada Blooms will be a wonderful celebration of what Nursery Growers provide to the industry. Designer Sabrina Goettler tells us “this special feature will showcase the incredible craft of the Nursery Growers in Ontario. The plants produced by this group shape the world that surrounds us. Not many industries can say that their products literally interact with, or are seen by the majority of our population every single day. It would be difficult to embark on ones daily travels without passing a plant; most of which were grown by this hardworking and dedicated group.

When used in landscapes, nursery plants represent the colour, form and organic architecture of our world. They create the colour and structure that allow our gardens and landscape to transcend beyond the paper of a plan – moods are lifted, days are brightened, spirits and souls can be engaged – all through the diverse plantings that are grown and used in public and private spaces throughout our environment.”

Drop by the Nursery Plants of Ontario Showcase and speak to a professional about what plants would be best for your next landscape project and where you can find them.

When you come to the Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms you will see………Artists sketching, drawing and painting in our gardens, creative floral displays, wonderful horticultural specimens which have been lovingly cared for and made it through Toronto’s winter, stunning photographs in our photo contest (open to everyone by the way), A Shower of Flowers, our delightful youth exhibits entitled “The Maple Leaf Forever”, a “Please Touch These Plants” table, an opportunity for you to ‘Judge’ a Floral Design Class and a Horticulture Class, floral design demos and much more.

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