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Winning with Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs
by Jackson & Perkins
October 22, 2017

What's the one gift that is a staple during the holidays? Candles. Everyone loves candles! They smell amazing, and every single person on your list would love to receive one. But, aren't they a little played out? Why not try something brand-new and unique this year? Waxed Amaryllis are the new and improved waxed candle, bringing fragrance, color and joy to any room! Plus, you can't beat the beauty of nature.

Have you ever given someone flowers as a birthday gift, get well wish, or just because? If you have, we are willing to bet that your loved one lit up with a huge smile. Flowers make us happy! They remind us of the natural beauty that can be found in the world, especially when most of the daily news isn't so happy.

If you're a frequent gardener, you already know how being around nature can heal the soul. Sadly, gardening isn’t the hobby for everyone, and not everyone has a green thumb. But, you can always share your love of gardening, and the healing power of nature with others, especially during the holidays.

This literally requires no effort. No soil. No water. Everything it needs to grow is already inside the waxed bulb. We know what you're thinking: "There is no way a plant, much less a tropical flower, can grow from a ball of wax!" Yes, we know it’s unbelievable, but trust us—it’s real! We even have a growing guide to prove it: see photo

Not only are these blooms completely carefree, but they will complement any holiday décor style! Are you trendy and festive, or simple and elegant? Either way, we have you covered by offering waxed Amaryllis in a wide variety of colors like red glitter, metallic gold and a festive splash pattern!

Most of the waxed Amaryllis bulbs produce gorgeous Red Lion Amaryllis blooms that will take center stage in your holiday décor. The copper metallic waxed Amaryllis produces red and white blooms reminiscent of candy canes. Plus, each bulb comes with its own decorative box. You don’t even have to do the gift wrapping! Talk about easy holiday shopping.

And it’s a great holiday gift for those who want gratification without the effort, and a cool way to share your love of all things green with the people you love!

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Jackson & Perkins, founded in 1872, quickly became the world's foremost hybridizer of garden roses, a position it maintains today, with more award-winning rose introductions than any other company. Now, they also offer a wonderful selection of annuals, perennials, and gardening supplies and gifts.

Happy gardening!

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