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Canada Blooms 2017 Happenings

- order your red & white tulips today!
by Canada Blooms
October 3, 2016

David Turnbull, Canada Blooms Horticultural Director and your Plant Nut, says he "has been drooling over the latest offerings from Terra Nova Nurseries – here are just a few: Coreopsis ‘Madras Magic’, latest in the Majaraja series with striking 2-toned burgundy flowers with light pink tips…or bold yellow Echinacea ‘Mac N Cheese’…or stunning mixed bright red and yellow flower heads of Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’…or flamingo pink Echinacea Supreme ‘Flamingo’…or Heucherella ‘Hot Spot’, combining bright pink flowers above lime green foliage with a red center…where do I start and stop as I’m selecting my plant list for 2017…and I’m just getting going!"

So many cultivars of annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, ornamental trees and evergreens…and then there are vegetables and fruits and let’s not forget our stalwart native plants - the bedrock of nature outside or our subdivisions and townhouses. He encourages you to pencil into your March calendar a day at the greatest garden festival in Canada. Come celebrate our countries 150th birthday with so many exciting plants coming to a garden centre near you!

Say “Happy Birthday Canada” with a Red and White Celebration Garden!

Thanks to a collaboration between the Canadian Garden Council and Vesey’s Bulbs of PEI, 150 communities and organizations from coast to coast have been selected to receive a spectacular 150th Celebration Garden. Each garden consists of 1,000 red and white tulip bulbs to be planted this fall and bloom next spring just in time to say “Happy Birthday to Our Home and Native Land”.

Niagara’s Celebration Garden Promenade Also thanks to Vesey’s, The Niagara Parks Commission will receive 25,000 red and white tulip bulbs to be planted in Queen Victoria Park adjacent to Niagara Falls, one of Canada’s most significant gateways and iconic destinations for visitors from the US and the rest of the world. The Niagara 150th Celebration Garden Promenade will be a symbolic link to the 150 Celebration Gardens across the country.

You can have a Celebration Garden too

If you’d like your own 150th Celebration Garden, Vesey’s are selling an exclusive, limited number – only 150 in your region – of special Celebration Gardens for the home gardener. The gardens consist of 75 Red Impression and 75 White Hakuun tulips, with each colour packaged separately for your planting convenience. Canadian Garden Council Logo

Every successful purchaser will receive a full colour certificate from the Canadian Garden Council and Vesey’s Bulbs indicating that they have participated in this special 150th Celebration.

link to order

Tips or Planting Bulbs from TBG

• Choose a planting area with good drainage so the bulbs won’t rot.

• Plant larger bulbs (daffodils, tulips and hyacinths) 20 centimetres (eight inches) deep; smaller bulbs such as crocus should be planted 13 centimetres (five inches) deep. Whether small or large, plant in drifts rather than in single rows, spacing bulbs according to package directions.

• Cover bulbs with soil, then water to give the roots a kick-start.

• Plant bulbs as soon as Halloween is over, except for daffodils which can be planted as early as possible in the fall so that they can establish strong root systems before the frost sets in.

• There is no sure fire way to protect the bulbs from marauding creatures, but covering bulbs in the hole with chicken wire seems to be one of the more effective solutions. After the bulbs are planted, clean up the area and tamp down the soil so that critters won’t be able to sniff out the bulbs so easily. Many bulbs, such as Fritillaria and Narcissus, are not tempting to squirrels, rabbits or deer.

• After the bulbs have bloomed in the spring, deadhead them but leave the leaves standing until they turn brown. During this time, the sun will turn oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium into food that will be stored in the bulb for next year’s growth.

~ From the Toronto Botanical Garden Website

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