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Ice N' Roses Red Hellebore
by Wayside Gardens
September 27, 2016

Wayside Gardens is proud to present the latest breakthrough in Hellebore history: Ice N' Roses. As a proud member of the elite Helleborus Gold Collection, this fiery new variety is unlike any other. Sporting a highly floriferous nature, upright plum red blooms, and impressive tolerance to all manner of environmental stressors it is clear that it earns the title of "best of the species." With all of its many merits it's no wonder so many are adding this compact and robust perennial to their shade gardens.

There are just so many ways that this stunning cultivar raises the bar. Shade and cold season gardens tend to lack the colorful interest and excitement of their sun-drenched counterparts. That is why Ice N' Roses is such a treasure – its bold flowers and dashing evergreen foliage are a refreshing shout of color in an otherwise quiet season. Each petite plant grows only about a foot tall but has a splendid spreading habit so each year there is more to love. Despite its small stature Ice N' Roses blooms like a plant twice its size, producing wine red blossoms upon sturdy vase-worthy stems from the dead of winter all the way into spring.

Wayside Gardens goes above and beyond to provide only the choicest varieties and this new Hellebore meets our highest standards for health and durability. This talented shade lover tolerates extreme heat, drought, humidity and even poor soil. Unbothered by common diseases and pestilence, gardeners will be well pleased with the resilience of this glorious Lenten Rose.

Wayside Gardens offers one of the most extensive selections of unique, high quality botanicals on the market in order to support the needs of passionate horticulturists across the nation. We take pride in everything we grow while putting our efforts into ensuring that every item we offer is a work of heart.

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