Now, even golf courses are coming under attack by the people that oppose everything for all of us!
by Art Drysdale
by Art Drysdale


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August 14, 2016







On a number of occasions over the past years I have written about some of the stupid reactions of various provincial governments in banning some of the best chemicals for home garden use—e.g.: 2,4-D, Glyphosate, carbaryl (Sevin), malathion, and permethrin.

When the Ontario ban came into effect in April 2009, generally golf courses and farms were left exempt, although many experts predicted that eventually the laws would be changed so that those exempted properties would be included as well.

Well those predictions appear to be coming true. Following are some excerpts from the Pesticide Truths website.

“Observers have vetted the board of directors of IPM [Integrated Pest Management] Council of Canada, and have concluded that half of the members IPM Council of Canada have close ties to organizations that support arbitrary and reckless prohibition against conventional pest control products, such as Landscape Ontario.

“Consequently, observers are not surprised that IPM Council of Canada has betrayed the golf industry in Ontario - in the past, decision-makers from Landscape Ontario have earned a similar reputation of betraying industries like professional lawn care.

“Some of these very same decision-makers from Landscape Ontario, who now operate the IPM Council of Canada, are repeating their bad decisions all over again.

“Observers have concluded that anyone with close ties to Landscape Ontario, like Tony DiGiovanni, (the association’s Executive Director) should never be allowed to serve on the IPM Council’s board of directors.

“At this time, the golf industry is facing its worst attack campaign perpetrated by malevolent and vengeful fanatics whose ultimate goal is to harm and destroy of all golf facilities. Throughout the summer of 2016, golf-hating fanatics have been pilfering the web-site of the IPM Council of Canada, , which serves as an unsecured storage recipient for sensitive data containing detailed reports on the use of pest control products by hundreds of golf facilities.

This misappropriation of data from the IPM Council web-site has been organized by a revenge-obsessed enviro-fanatical leader who holds the golf industry falsely accountable for the sad death of her son as a result of his supposed exposure to pest control products used by golf facilities near her home.

“Since June 21st, 2016, observers have pointed out that the IPM Council of Canada has a duty to protect the golf industry’s businesses from harm and destruction - it must immediately shut down its web-site.

“Unfortunately, the IPM Council refuses to shut down its web - this organization and its directors, like Tony DiGiovanni, have been deemed unfit to serve the golf industry. Observers have concluded that anyone with close ties to Landscape Ontario should never be allowed to serve on the IPM Council’s board of directors.

“The golf industry is under the elevated threat of hacking-attack campaign perpetrated by golf-hating fanatics who are pilfering sensitive and potentially-harmful information about Ontario’s golf facilities !

"Under provincial law, golf facilities in Ontario must submit annual reports on their use of pest control products - these reports are known as IPM data.

“At present, this IPM data is stored on the unsecured web-site of the IPM Council of Canada. Here is the link to web-site …

“This web-site contains thousands of detailed reports on the use of pest control products by hundreds of golf facilities. Throughout the months of June and July, 2016, messages were sent by e-mail ordering the hacking-attack campaign against the golf industry.”

There is ever so much more that I could add to this topic but I simply do not have the time or space today. If you would like to read more, just go to one of the web-sites for which there is a URL mentioned.


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