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Monet’s Passion For Flower Bulbs
by iBulb
April 17, 2016

Monet’s passion for flower bulbs A very special love bloomed in the year 1886. Claude Monet, who was still unknown as a French painter at the time, was invited to accompany his host in the Netherlands for a drive to the flower bulb fields. Claude Monet called it simply ‘dazzling’. This was the very moment that his passion for flower bulbs emerged. Photographer Wouter Koppen travelled to Giverny to capture the painterly flower bulbs in bloom in Monet’s beautifully designed gardens.

Color palette

Monet moved to the village of Giverny, about 60 miles west of Paris, in 1883. In 1886, when his passion for the colors of plants and flowers intensified, he went about transforming his own garden. Monet’s flawless feel for color resulted in a brilliant color palette. In spring, the garden was an explosion of color with its vast quantities of flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils and irises. His love of flower bulbs can also be seen in his paintings.

Two gardens

Monet passionately designed his first garden, 'Clos Normand’, but was unable to enlarge it at a certain point because a railroad track was in the way. This love of gardening soon took over again, however, and he started creating a garden on the other side of the tracks. Monet created an entirely different world in this garden than he had in the first one. It felt like a little piece of Japan but designed with the Monet touch. He called this garden ‘Le jardin d’Eau’ (The Water Garden).

Planting flower bulbs yourself

Inspired to start planting some flower bulbs yourself? If so, you could make your own ‘Monet Garden’. Choose flower bulbs that you think are beautiful, and combine the colors and shapes that make you happy. And remember: the sky’s the limit! The flower bulb assortment is available at How to plant flower bulbs:

• Dig a hole in the ground that is about three times as deep as the thickness of the bulb/corm/tuber. (Tip: always refer to the directions on the package.)

• Plant the flower bulb in the hole with its ‘nose’ pointing up and its ‘beard’ pointing down.

• Cover the flower bulbs with the soil dug from the hole.

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