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Weeks Roses Introduces New Varieties for Spring 2016
by Weeks Roses
April 10, 2016

For Spring 2016, Weeks Roses continues its tradition of introducing new rose varieties that bring exciting new color combinations to landscapes throughout the country.

“Weeks Roses has built a reputation and a strong international following for its unique rose introductions,” said Christian Bédard, Research Director for Weeks Roses. “The plants grown under the Weeks Roses name are both beautiful and tough in a wide range of growing conditions. All of our plant varieties are field tested for flower color and form, flower production, cold hardiness and disease resistance. We celebrate the rose as an enduring part of gardens everywhere.”

Weeks Roses breeds and grows a wide variety of rose bushes including Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, Climbers, Rugosas and Foetidas, Shrubs, Groundcovers, Miniatures and Trees. All of the new introductions—and scores of popular favorites grown by Weeks Roses in California—are available at home center stores and independent garden centers nationwide. For more information, visit

New Roses for 2016

Watercolors Home Run®

The newest member of the Home Run® family of landscape roses is Watercolors Home Run®, which offers a winning combination of watercolor-blended colors and excellent flower production. The flowers open fully to reveal yellow-gold centers that are blushed with pink on the outer edges of the petals. The flowers are 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter, and they bloom in large clusters for months—from spring well into fall. The flowers have a delicate spicy fragrance with a hint of cinnamon. Home Run® rose varieties are known for their natural disease resistance and a well-behaved rounded growing habit. Hybridized by Tom Carruth. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 5. (Cold hardy to Zone 4 with moderate protection.)

Miss Congeniality™

Miss Congeniality™ may be the perfect picotee rose—white with vibrant pink edges. The flower form is high-centered and double, and the bloom performance is unsurpassed in the garden and the vase. Miss Congeniality™ boasts medium-large flowers up to 4 inches in diameter that appear in small clusters on the upright, vigorous bush with glossy dark-green foliage. The flowers are lightly scented of pear and spices. Not only is Miss Congeniality™ stunning in appearance, but this beauty can defend herself from diseases, too. Weeks Roses was so impressed by this Grandiflora beauty that she was chosen for the cover of the 2016 Weeks Roses catalog. Hybridized by Christian Bédard. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 6. (Cold hardy to Zone 5 with moderate protection.)

Sunshine Happy Trails™ and Rainbow Happy Trails™

Groundcover roses continue to grow in popularity, and this year Weeks Roses introduces two new prostrate-growing roses that are perfect for defining garden borders and filling garden expanses with vibrant color. Sunshine Happy Trails™ produces a virtual carpet of medium-yellow to buttery-gold flowers that keep coming throughout the growing season. Each flower boasts 15-20 bright petals that hold their nice yellow color until the very end. Its sister plant, Rainbow Happy Trails™, shares the same trailing and spreading growth habit. Rainbow Happy Trails™ has blossoms that are yellow-gold blushed with pink on the edges of the petals. The flowers hold their appealing color until the petals drop.

Both Sunshine Happy Trails™ and Rainbow Happy Trails™ are vigorous and floriferous plants that spread and trail low to the ground as true groundcover roses should. The cheerful flowers are produced in abundance on medium-sized clusters even in the fall. Sunshine Happy Trails™ and Rainbow Happy Trails™ are the perfect happy ending to any garden design. Both of these new varieties are available at home center stores and independent garden centers. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 5. (Cold hardy to Zone 4 with moderate protection.)

Smokin’ Hot™

The new Smokin’ Hot™ rose proves the old adage that there’s no smoke without fire. You can clearly see the smoky purple overlay on the fiery orange petals of every Smokin’ Hot™ flower. Bring the fire indoors with an attractive bouquet of these novel flowers, which are produced as single specimens on long stems. The medium-large flowers (up to 4 inches in diameter), have a soft, spicy fragrance. A Smokin’ Hot™ rose bush is disease resistant with a tall, upright growth habit. The “combustion” of the fiery hot blossoms is cooled down by the glossy medium-green background foliage. Hybridized by Christian Bédard. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 6. (Cold hardy to Zone 5 with moderate protection.)

In addition, for 2016 Weeks Roses has also introduced the deep pink Pretty Lady Rose™ (the latest variety in the Downton Abbey Garden Rose Collection) and Cutie Pie™ (a miniature rose with the shape and form of a Hybrid Tea rose, whose blooms are yellow with an overlay of pink). To find out where Weeks Roses are sold near you, visit and click on Find Our Roses.

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