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by Canada Blooms
December 15, 2015

Canada Blooms is pleased to announce that it has chosen the ‘Garvinea Sweet’ series of gerberas as its 2016 plant of the year.

Gerberas, the long time favourite houseplant and cut-flower for Canadians, are now available in the outdoors friendly ‘Garvinea Sweet’ series from Florist Holland, especially suited for outdoor use in both containers and the gardens.

The University of Guelph Trial Garden Program, during the 2014 and 2015 growing season, under the leadership of Rodger Tschanz has proven that the ‘Garvinea Sweets’ are hardy and a reliable performing plant in Spring, Summer and Fall.

You can get a head start on the gardening season by purchasing one of these beautiful ‘Garvinea Sweets’ at Canada Blooms in March 2016.

There will be a variety of colours available and a portion of proceeds will be donated to help fund research and the Trial Garden Program at the University of Guelph.

To find out more about the Garvinea don't miss presentations by Florist Holland on Friday, March 11 Harrowsmith Garden Solution Stage presented by Hortus TV and Rodger Tschanz and Denis Flanagan on Saturday March 19 on the Unilock Celebrity Stage.

Keeping Evergreen Decorations Ever Green!

The festive season is upon us, and many of us now to turn our thoughts to decorating our houses and even our businesses for the joyous season ahead.

A very traditional and beautiful method of doing so is to adorn both the exterior and interior of our dwellings with freshly cut branches and boughs of evergreens. This practice originated in pre-Christian times as a way for the Pagans to mark the Winter Solstice and the increase in day light after the passing of the celebration. Pagans would cut evergreen trees and decorate them. Boughs of holly, laurel and other plants were also utilized in similar fashion. The observation that these plants remained green during the winter, was explained by them being in a sense, magical and symbolic of the return of life and rebirth in spring.

Today, that tradition continues in many cultures and there is a diversity of evergreens and non-evergreens from all over the world to choose and decorate with.

If the point of keeping evergreens is to symbolize renewed life while beautifying our homes, then we must make it a priority to keep them green! Here are a few pointers that should help in keeping them looking better, longer:

• Firstly, while not possible under all circumstances, try to keep the evergreens out of direct sunlight.

• Use the ‘Stay Fresh’ type preservatives that are recommended for Christmas trees or the preservatives that come with fresh cut flowers.

• Mist your greens as often as possible. At the least, once a day misting with water from a spray bottle to the point that small water droplets form on the foliage. The sunnier and windier, the more frequently this should be done.

• Use an anti-desiccant spray such as ‘Wilt-Pruf’. Here at Humber Nurseries LTD, we have had great success using this product on all our greens once they are unpacked and on display.

• If lights are used in any arrangement, use LEDs over incandescent bulbs.

• Lastly, use a floral foam to arrange the material in. Most importantly, have fun and all the best over the holidays and for the year ahead! — Shawn Patille, Senior Horticulturist, Humber Nurseries Ltd.

Shower Of Flowers

I'm Ready For My Selfie

The Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms is excited to offer festival-goers an opportunity to step inside floral aritist Gregor Lersch's "Shower of Flowers” to create a unique selfie experience.

Gregor Lersch is a respected and well-traveled floral artist from Germany. In October he gave demonstrations and workshops at both Garden Clubs of Ontario and the Garden Club of Toronto. His designs were dazzling, innovative, and beautiful, and offered a different style of design, with a true European feeling. Gregor travels the world demonstrating his style. In the past year he's been to Japan, Russia, the U.S, Australia and England. He also offers workshops closer to his European home.

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