You Have Won an Award from AIB

what do you do now?
by AIB America In Bloom
November 29, 2015

Evelyn Alemanni, AIB Judge and Board Member has some great ideas on what you do now that you are a Winner!

So, you won an award, you achieved a bloom rating. Now what? Brag! Not just a little, brag a lot. And we’re going to help you with that process. This year, we are launching special logos for each award, recognizing your bloom rating and other special achievements.

Benefits of Awards

There are many benefits to earning an award from America in Bloom.

•Awards are a great reason to send press releases and reap the benefits of free media coverage.

•Recognition from a national organization helps leap-frog identity from local to nationally-recognized

•Enthuses and attracts volunteers

•Adds national cache

•Third party recognition/validation resonates with funders, sponsors, and grantors

•Validates investment of time and treasure

Why would you promote your award?

•Demonstrate your city’s commitment to continuous improvement

•Celebrate excellence and achievements

•Happily brag

•Enhance self-confidence

•Add cache

•Instill civic pride

•Attract new employers, employees, volunteers

•Become a preferred brand (people choose your town when deciding where to spend money, visit, even relocate).

•Promote your city on a national level

•Attract other awards

•Good to mention for grants and funding

•Prestige – differentiate your city as special

•Celebrate your achievements

•Become a preferred ‘player’ with businesses, other attractions

•Make promotion easier

•Develop talking points

•Increase tourism revenues;

•Encourage public and private partnerships;

How can you use your custom logo?

There are so many ways to use your logo to achieve maximum visibility and build your brand. Use it everywhere for coordinated marketing and key messaging. You can include your logo as part of your city’s branding. Here are just a few suggestions.

•Website and social media



•Various printing material including brochures, rack cards, business cards, letterhead, stamps

•Public transit, city vehicles, at transit stations,

•Municipal signage and at various sites around town

•Media Campaign (TV, Radio, Print, Online, Posters)

•PR (Press Releases, Interviews)

•Social Media

•Visual branding (e.g. Plaque)

•On email signature line

Interested in your own special logo to recognize your achievements? Contact Evelyn Alemanni and she’ll send your customized logo right away.

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