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Make Your Garden Super Cool with Summer Bulbs

Get inspired with the garden trends for 2016
by iBulb
November 1, 2015

Make your garden super cool with summer bulbs

Get inspired with the garden trends for 2016

It’s spring: time for some fresh air! Also time for sprucing up the garden and patio and enjoying the sunshine! And, while you’re at it, why not go with the latest trends? For 2016, that means choosing from the three latest gardening styles: ‘The World Beyond’, ‘Reconsider Space’ and ‘Connect The Story’. But whichever style you choose, be sure to include summer bulbs to create that perfect look for your garden. Get inspired by the gardening trends for 2016 and make your garden the perfect green scene for ultimate enjoyment.

The World Beyond

Is daydreaming your favorite occupation? Heading off to a world of unlimited possibilities? The garden is a perfect place to live out your fantasies. Serenity and imagination are the key ingredients to creating this environment. Exciting colors like deep red, blue-green and bright pink will provide just the right look. Natural ponds - pools with charming bank vegetation - will enhance the dreamlike effect. Spending time in the garden becomes an exciting experience: a way of detaching ourselves from the stresses of everyday life. Dare to dream and stimulate your senses with unusual colors and materials.

Reconsider Space

New uses are often being found these days for spaces in and around the house. The most conspicuous change is the coalescing of indoor and outdoor spaces. They used to work as two distinct spaces divided by a sliding glass door. Nowadays, however, the trend is to draw these two spaces together and have them perform a single function. Other garden features that once were plunked down one behind the other - the patio, the border, the pond - are now being connected like beads on a string. Eye-catching plants are used as a landmark denoting each element in the garden. The leading colors of black and white are accented with bright yellow, cobalt blue, red and green. Visually powerful geometric shapes create a truly exciting garden.

Connect The Story

What about a garden of discovery? Wouldn’t it be nice to give each and every plant your full attention? Even a weed or two can reflect the wonders of nature and become a delightful element. Instead of formal border plantings, this garden has a natural nonchalance. Many different kinds of plants are featured here. But unity is created by selecting plants with one or more similar characteristics such as foliage color. This garden has a trendy eco look and uses new combinations of materials such as recycled plastic with wicker as the main ingredient.

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