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Succulent Bouquets - new book release
by Evelyn Alemanni
July 5, 2015

Wanted to let you know that I have a new book out called “Succulent Bouquets”. Inspired by the drought and lack of flowers in my garden, this is the eighth book in the “Fleurs du Jour” series.

The full-color book offers 140 pages of inspiration for creating glorious bouquets that last with little or no water. All of the plant material was sourced from my own garden. The majority of the bouquets are devised of succulents and cactus, while others incorporate a few flowers from the garden.

As I created these bouquets, I was amazed at range of colors and textures that these drought-tolerant plants offer and all the design flexibility they present because they need no water. In addition, as a frugal gardener, when I’m ready to replace the bouquets, I can replant their elements back into the garden.

Each book in the series is full color, 140 pages. Images from the books are available as prints.

Books can be previewed and purchased on Alemanni’s website, or on

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Introducing a new book in my Fleurs du Jour series! Succulent Bouquets.

Get details and order your copies at or

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