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Pond Maintenance
by James Buttrick
April 7, 2015

Spring has finally arrived and so it’s time to get your pond ship shape ready for the summer. One of my favourite tools to break the back in all of the debris that has left its mark over the cold winter months is the Oase Pondovac 4, which really is the Rolls Royce of pond vacs. I purchased mine at Swell UK, but they are available at most pond superstores, but you can’t complain at Swell’s service. The pond vac will clear all the winter debris from the base of the pond which in its self would make the pond start to look at lot cleaner and fresher.

Along with removing the winter debris you may also need to look at some forms of treatments. Treatments are needed to help clean the pond of the bacteria that has built up over the winter period. You should always check any treatments before using if your pond is stocked with fish, but of course most treatments are developed with fish in mind so perfectly safe to use on your pond.

Another factor to consider is the food supply to the fish, which you need to bear in mind is season dependent. For spring you look towards using a higher protein food and moving away from fish food such as wheat germ and look towards Staple food or Peaches and Cream. When the weather starts to heat up then you would look at moving towards he Growth fish food, again this can be purchased online from Swell UK for next day delivery. Going on holiday can be a worry for feeding the fish if you don’t have friends or neighbours to drop in and feed them for you, but you don’t have to cancel your holiday! Why not invest in as automatic fish feeder that can do the job for you while you are away?

As the fish become more active you find that herons will start to show more of an interest in the pond and you will need to ensure they don’t try to get your stock. Using a Heron deterrent can help prevent this. There are many variants of deterrents that you can use on the pond from a decoy heron to the Heron Stop by Velda. The heron stop prevents cats and herons from getting too close to your pond. The almost invisible string protects the outer perimeter of the pond thanks to the small bells. Any deterrent will of course help to protect your livestock in the pond, but it is worth doing a bit research to find the best one for your pond.

If your pond is equipped with pumps and filters, this is the perfect time to check everything is working and replace any parts that need replacing. Filter media will need to be checked and cleaned if needed and possibly need replacing depending on the use of the media. If your filter contains a UV, again this will need to be checked that it is working ok as they tend to have a life span of approx. 6 – 8 months.

So the water has been cleaned and treated, and you have checked all the electrical units, is there anything left to do? If you have any plants with the pond, then you should fertilize every 3-4 weeks approx. There is a lot of maintenance with keeping a pond but it is worth the effort when you sit in your garden on a sunny afternoon enjoying all your hard work.

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