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Lose the winter blues and garden indoors!
by Stokes Seeds
March 8, 2015

When it is freezing and bitter outside try gardening indoors under grow lights. The extra light and growing plants can help with the winter blues by providing you with pleasure, relaxation and purpose.

Fluorescent Grow Light systems are a common choice for home owners as they provide great plant growth results. Not only do they work in small spaces, they are reasonably energy efficient and relatively easy to install.

Consider the following when choosing your lighting system:

• Fluorescent light is typically on the blue/green end of the spectrum. This light encourages bushy compact growth - perfect for seed starting.

• They are also cool to the touch making it possible to place lights within just a few inches of the seedlings.

• The systems adjust easily to accommodate plant growth.

• Some store bought stands mix bulbs ranging from blue to red on the spectrum, and claim optimum growth. The cool white bulbs provide light in the blue/green range and encourages leaf growth, while the warm light bulbs provide light in the red range, which encourages flowering.

• A typical fluorescent bulb will last approximately 20,000 hours.

• Replace the bulbs yearly, as the light intensity decreases significantly even in the first few months of use.

• Incandescent or LED grow lights also work well but can be more expensive overall than fluorescent. Forget the weather outside and gain a new exciting hobby!

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