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Anyone Can Enjoy Growing Bareroot Roses
by Jackson & Perkins
March 22, 2015

Anyone can experience the joy of growing roses. All you need is an area that receives 6 hours of sunlight a day. And since many roses thrive in containers, even those with limited or no garden space can create a fantastic display of colorful, fragrant blooms.


Upon arrival, open the box immediately, and soak the roots in lukewarm water for 12-24 hours. If you are unable to plant right away, they may be stored in their boxes for up to a week in a cool, dark place. Sprinkle the roots with water every few days.


If planting in your garden, dig a hole 18 inches deep and 24 wide. Loosen the soil at the bottoms and sides, build a mound in the center of the hole, and set the rose on top.

If planting in a container, a 15-gallon pot is recommended, which will accommodate a hybrid tea, large floribunda, grandiflora, or shrub rose. Smaller floribundas should do well in a 10-gallon, while 4- to 5-gallon pots are fine for most miniatures.

For vigorous growth, abundant blooms, and lush foliage, add Jackson and Perkins Dynamite™ Select Rose Fertilizer to the soil.


If planting in the ground, fill the hole with 2/3 of the remaining soil. Water thoroughly, letting it soak in, then finish filling the hole. Tamp lightly to remove any air pockets, and water well. Mulch to help suppress weeds and retain moisture. Water 3-4 times a week until leaves begin to grow; weekly thereafter.

If planting your rose in a container, cover the pot's drainage holes with small pebbles or a similar material in order to create a drainage system. Fill the pot halfway with soil, creating a mound, and set the plant on top. The bud union should be level with the top of the planter. Finish filling with soil and water thoroughly. Avoid placing a saucer under the pot as this can lead to root rot.

Before you choose your roses, find your area's climate zone, then review Jackson and Perkins Summer or Winter Rose Care tips.

Jackson & Perkins, founded in 1872, is the world's foremost hybridizer of garden roses, with more award-winning introductions than any other company.

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