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The Versatile Lavender Plant
by Victoria Moretti
February 26, 2015

I do not know about you but when I think of lavender, I think of elderly ladies. To be precise, my great granny. She always smelt of lavender. She loved lavender soap. However, nowadays my perspective has changed. Now when I think of lavender I think of my garden and all of the exciting ways I can use lavender in my garden. I am a big fan and have a load of it in my garden. Lavender is such a versatile plant with many different uses. Here are a few ways you can utilize lavender plants in your garden.


If you choose the right lavender plants, you can grow a fantastic fragrant hedge out of them. You can mix several varieties if you want, but the best results come when you stick to one variety.
The hedge you can form is between 20 and 24 inches once mature. Not all varieties will grow this high, so you need to choose the right plants. Most varieties work well as hedging just check with your plant nursery before buying.
Lavender hedges look wonderful in formal gardens. They are low maintenance and benefit the bees. If you keep hives, lavender honey tastes fantastic.

As a natural pesticide

When you plant lavender, you are adding a natural pesticide to your garden. Plants planted next to lavender are protected from a range of natural pests including whitefly.
You can pick and dry lavender to use as a natural pesticide in your home too. It can be a good alternative to mothballs, and will see off fleas. Some people crush the flowers on their skin and use it as a natural bug spray, it is said to protect you from mosquitoes.

Add a splash of colour with lavender

Lavender adds a lovely splash of colour and it grows well in most conditions. In gardens that are exposed to frost, you can still enjoy lavender. All you have to do is to buy a frost resistant variety, which are much easier to buy than they once were.

It can also grow well in very hot and dry climates. Lavender is a hardy and versatile plant. It flowers for months, so really does add a splash of colour. You can now buy different shades of lavender including the more unusual pink, red and white varieties.
Lavender bushes can also be used decoratively. You can cut a lavender bush into interesting shapes.

As an herb

Culinary varieties of lavender make a great addition to your herb garden. You can use the flowers as an edible decoration for salads. It can also be dried and used to lightly fragrant bread and stews.
Not everyone likes the taste, but most people do. It makes sense to start by using it sparingly at first. Most people end up being hooked and enjoying lavender in numerous dishes.
If you find that you like the flavour a lot, you will be pleased to know that you can make a tea. It is very relaxing and is particularly good if you have a headache. Add a spring to homemade lemonade to make a refreshing cold drink.

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