Chilliwack Garden Club

February 2015 Newsletter
by Jack Kouwenhoven
February 7, 2015

Executive Committee CGC George Marien, President Joan Carl, Secretary Louise West, Treasurer George Thiessen, Past President Directors Maggie Cajar Marilyn Hooge Jack Kouwenhoven Colleen Marks Erika Wiese Elizabeth Wirsz Newsletter Sandra Froese Kitchen Joan Yendall ***** Reminders Refreshments: Erika Wiese, George Marien, Sandra Froese.. Security: Sandra Froese (Please be at the door by 6:45 pm,) Next Executive meeting: February 18th 7 pm at the Chilliwack Library. Newsletter submissions: Chilliwackgardenclub Welcome to a New Year in the Garden We’re off to an interesting start in terms of weather. What’s happening in your winter garden? Some of you have been out there digging and pruning already. If you haven’t, it’s time. Take note of what’s dormant, what’s waking up, what’s in need of clean up and what needs to be moved or replaced. And, of course, enjoy what you discover.

You might find the plant shown in the picture. CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE PLANT above? If you can, email me,, or call, 604.823.7335. I will put all the correct answers in a (gardening) hat and draw one name that will win a prize.

Meeting @ Cooke’s Presbyterian Church Hall (enter from the west parking lot)

Wednesday, February 11 7:30 pm

Planning your Spring Garden Speaker from West Coast Seeds

Chilliwack Garden Club • Has experienced gardeners who share their expertise • Holds a Plant Sale each spring • Supports a UFV horticulture scholarship • Holds a Rose & Flower show in June at Chilliwack Mall • Participates in the Chilliwack Fair in August • Holds a Fall Show for Flowers and Vegetables in September at Chilliwack Mall • Arranges visits to gardens and nurseries in the lower mainland


Plant of the Month Draw Tickets are handed out at the door to all attendees; make sure you get one.

50/50 Draw Tickets are purchased at meetings; half the amount collected goes to the person whose ticket is drawn, half to the club

Summary of the Discussions at the Executive Committee Meeting, January 21, 2015 at the Chilliwack Library

Dr. George Marien chaired the meeting as our new president and thanked George Thiessen for his leadership of the past two years. George T. has offered to continue to help where necessary as the club is still looking fo a vice president and a secretary.

We have a December 31st bank balance of $4028.14 with several 2014 expenses still to come. A year end report will be forthcoiming.

We have been given a free booth at the BC Outdoor Living and RV Show at Heritage Park March 27th to 29th. George and Amy Thiessen will look after the se up and volunteers will be needed to man the booth during the show.

Tentative dates haave been set for the following club events: Plant Sale Saturday, April 25th Rose Show June 19th and 20th Fall Show September 11th and 12th These dates will be confirmed with the Chilliwack Mall by George Marien. The Potato Project and the Club Dahlia Competition will be held again this year. (Both culminate at the Fall Show.)

A series of timely topics and possible guest speakers were discussed for this year’s meetings and a tentative schedule set out. We are hoping to make our club meetings more informative and entertaining and to spend less time on routine business.

Louise West (standing in for Joan Carl)

Just Ask Jack: Write out your gardening question and bring it to the meeting (include a leaf or bug or photo to help identify the problem).

Grow & Show A New Year—all the best! A new season for Grow & Show—so check your gardens. Your exhibits are much appreciated. This month we dispense with a judge; it’s people’s choice.

Also, I will be circulating a list for people to sign up to be clerks. It’s a simple job: 1) you follow the judge after s/he gets two or three exhibits ahead of you, you copy her marks on the very bottom of the white form with exhibitors name and number—and then clip it off on the dotted line; 2) present the clippings to myself; 3) the results are recorded by Betty Boehm and used to determine point monies awarded at the end of the season.

Acting as clerk is a great chance for anyone interested in showing to gain insight about what the judges look for when a person exhibits.


Showbench Classes - February

Section l – Outdoors 1. A vase of Snowdrops, 5 – 7 stems with own foliage 2. A vase of any other spring bulb, 5 – 7 stems with own foliage 3. A vase of Christmas rose (Helleborus niger), 5 stems. 4. A vase of any other Hellebore, 5 stems; name the variety if possible. 5. A pot of any spring bulb or corm 6. A vase of Heather 7. A vase of winter blooming shrub or tree, not forced 8. A vase of flowering branches (may be forced) 9. A vase of any other plant currently blooming 10. A pot of any other plant currently blooming

Section ll – Indoors 11. African Violet, 1 crown 12. A foliage houseplant 13. A houseplant in flower (other than African Violet) 14. A begonia 15. A Cactus 16. A Succulent 17. A fern 18. A pot of bulbs (forced to bloom indoors) 19. Any exotic plant 20. Any other plant not mentioned above

Section lll – Vegetables & Herbs 21. A plate of any vegetable that is harvestable now 22. A bunch of any herb grown outdoors but harvestable now 23. A pot of any herb currently in use in your kitchen/cooking

Section lV – Floral Art These classes are non-restricted

24. Raindrops Keep Falling – an interpretation of our rainy weather 25. Sweetheart’s Surprise – a Valentine creation 26. Seasonal Greens – using only green plant material from your garden

BCCGC AGM is coming March 14th. Speaker will be Tom Baumann and some of our members will contribute to a presentation on Floral Art. My Story

1. I have been a member of Chilliwack Garden Club for 0 months _____ 1 to 5 years ______ longer than 5 years _____

2. My gardening experience is Just beginning _____ moderate _____ extensive _____

3. My garden is Balcony or patio _____ urban lot _____ large lot or acreage _____

4. I garden (or plan to garden) Mostly vegetables _____ mostly shrubs & flowers _____ both _____

5. I would like to hear speakers on the following topics:

6. I have some more ideas to offer (add your name & phone number)

Fill out this form & detach it. Bring it to the February meeting. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Memberships are due now. To save time fill this form out and bring it with you. CHILLIWACK GARDEN CLUB MEMBERSHIP FORM Name: _______________________________________________________________ First name(s) Last name

Address:_____________________________________________________________ Apt/house No.. Street/Road

_______________________________________________________________ City & Province Postal Code

Phone: (604) ____ - _________ email: ____________________________________

Single ($25.00 / year) _____ Family ($30.00/ year) _____ new _____ renewal _____

Cheque No.. ___________ (Made payable to: Chilliwack Garden Club)

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