Impish Elf™ Lily of the Valley Shrub Enchanted Forest Collection™

New for 2015
by Monrovia
February 1, 2015

Impish Elf™ Lily of the Valley Shrub (Enchanted Forest Collection™)

Pieris japonica 'Shy' P.P.A.F.

This compact, late-blooming Pieris provides an extended season of color. Dark purple-pink buds provide superb winter color, then burst into bloom with bright, bell-shaped flowers. Glossy new foliage is brick red with deep red stems. A stunning foundation plant, ideal for massing in the landscape. From noted breeder Sven Svenson.

The produce of a planned breeding program conducted by noted plantsman Sven Svenson in Hopewell, Oregon, with the objective of developing new compact Pieris plants with upright inflorescences, stable and attractive flower color and good garden performance.This variety originated from a 1998 seedling selection of a cross between Pieris japonica 'Reversal' (non-patented) as the female (seed) parent, and P. japonica var. taiwanensis 'Shears as the male (pollen) parent. It was selected as a single flowering plant within the progeny, then propagated in a controlled environment.

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