Moonlight Chinese Fairy Bells

New for 2015
by Monrovia
January 25, 2015

Moonlight Chinese Fairy Bells

Disporum cantoniense 'Moonlight' P.P.#24,556

An exceptional new cultivar, compact in form with unique silvery white and green variegation radiating from each leaf blade, becoming suffused with purple-pink coloration as temperatures cool in the fall. Graceful, arching stems emerge in spring, followed by clusters of small flowers in late spring to summer. Adds an illuminating effect to any shade garden.

'Moonlight' originated as a naturally occurring branch mutation of Disporum cantoniense 'Aureovariegata' (not patented). The new cultivar was discovered by Reinier van Elderen in a container at his nursery in 2007 in Lijnden, The Netherlands. This new cultivar differs from its parent plant in that 'Aureovariegata' has foliage that is inconspicuously variegated with green and pale greenish yellow leaves, while the new cultivar has radiating silvery white and green variegation. As compared to Disporum 'Night Heron and 'Green Giant', 'Moonlight' is noted for it's unique coloration and variegation while having a significantly shorter form with a more arching habit

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