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San Diego Startup Seeded Offers Unique

“Homegrown” Craft Gardening and 3 Course Craft Menu Arrangement
by Jared Criscuolo
December 28, 2014

Seeded is announcing the release of a unique and comprehensive home gardening and craft menu gift package this Holiday and New Year season. The package, Seeded Starter, offers a gardening and culinary experience.

It provides everything people need to grow their own vegetables and herbs regardless of their gardening knowledge. It features a customized 3-course menu arrangement of cocktail, appetizer and entrée recipes to prepare utilizing a selection of the plants and herbs grown in the Seeded Starter garden.

Recipients receive a holiday greeting card or email, and will have the opportunity to choose from 3 seasonal menu seed selections prior to receiving their Seeded Starter gift. “Seeded is a comprehensive gardening package for anyone, regardless of their gardening experience. It makes growing and preparing craft meals inspired by the farm to table movement and cooking style easy and rewarding,” said Jared Criscuolo, Seeded founder. “We’ve met many people who love eating healthy and would prefer to grow their own food, but have varying levels of experience and time, and don’t necessarily have the yard space or knowledge about how to garden.

Seeded takes the legwork out of it, offering an easy to use experience to enjoy gardening and eating, from seed to table.”

While easily used in many settings ranging from backyard patios to sunny apartment balconies and windows in cities, Seeded was developed to give people living in densely populated areas the opportunity to grow and eat homegrown vegetables and herbs. Seeded is committed to providing an all-natural and organic experience, ensuring the best tasting and quality food.

It utilizes non-GMO seeds, a proprietary natural and organic soil blend and booster fertilizer specially formulated to provide the nutrients needed to grow and strengthen plants.

For more information, or to kick off a healthy hobby for the New Year, please visit, and like and share our Facebook page

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