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Bulb flowers really stand out in Green industry Trends 2015
by iBulb
December 7, 2014

Bulb flowers really stand out in Green industry Trends 2015

The spirit of our times is changing under the influence of economic and social developments. And consumer taste preferences are developing under the influence of the spirit of the times. What results are trends that provide a picture of the tastes held by consumers in 2015. The Green Industry Trends 2015 reflect the trends aimed specifically at both the indoor and outdoor products provided by the horticultural sector. These trends were developed into three themes: 'Unexpected Wild', 'Eco Luxe' and 'The Happy Life'. After a difficult period, optimism is again emerging: we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. This means that we are open to new things, that what we want are more vibrant colors, and that we are starting to look for distinctive products that make us really happy. We are also more open to collaborative activities to support one another. 'Participating', 'putting all of our shoulders to the wheel' and 'working together to make things better' are concepts typical of our modern era.

Today's trend for gardens is to create a naturalized look that provides a relaxed feeling - as if nature is taking its own course in the garden. It's as if no rules apply and the effects of wind and weather are being given free reign. Indoors, we see rooms that have a robust, nonchalant yet definitely inviting look. Flowers with natural tints of yellow, blue, ochre and terra cotta such as Muscari ‘Blue Magic’, Tulipa ‘White Dream’, Narcissus ‘Tahiti’ and Hyacinthus ‘Yellow Stone’ are highly favored.

Outdoors, people want an oasis of tranquillity in a natural setting while still maintaining clean functional lines. The ideal outdoor space would be environmentally friendly, would reflect an environmentally conscious attitude and would be equipped with every possible convenience. Indoors, too, will become an oasis of calm: a luxurious environment featuring natural materials of excellent quality. Tulips with natural basic colors such as T. 'Antarctica', T. 'Snow Queen', T. 'Northcap White', T. 'Super Parrot' and Muscari 'White Magic' will play an important role in this.

It's time to look on at the lighter side of life and leave the world of rules and expectations behind. Life is something that should be celebrated each and every day. This approach leads to a cheerful colorful garden that provides lots of opportunities for large and small social events. Products are used in a whimsical manner. Indoors, the look should be light-hearted and colorful - a place where everyone feels welcome and where the sun always seems to be shining through the windows. Brightly colored flowers like Amaryllis ‘Royal Red’, Tulipa ‘Marcel Parrot’ and a multi-colored mix of hyacinths makes a joyful sight.

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