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Gardening Books for Inspiration
by NGB
September 8, 2014

As summer winds down, at least according to the calendar, some gardeners may find themselves with more time on their hands before fall cleanup occurs. Others look wistfully at our gardens wishing we had done more or had more inspiration. But there's always next year, right?

National Garden Bureau members are here to help us with our garden inspiration, be it for this fall or winter, or next spring's "fabulous" garden (at least in our minds!). Following are a number of garden books newly on the market that you should consider perusing to amp up your garden knowledge, to give as gifts or just to use as an escape to the garden in your mind during the wintery months guaranteed to come sooner than we'd like.

A Garden to Dye For

By Chris McLaughlin

A Garden to Dye For features 40-plus plants that the gardener-crafter can grow for an all-natural, customized color palette. The book is divided between the garden and the dye process, with garden layouts, plant profiles, dye extraction and uses, step-by-step recipes and DIY projects. Full-color photos throughout.

Attack of the Killer Asparagus

By Mike Nowak

Chicagoland author and radio host Mike Nowak has just written his first book...and this is not your grandmother's garden book! Mike has been called the "Dave Barry of Gardening," but his mind doesn't really work like anyone else's. With chapter titles like "Pathogens on parade" and "Attack of the Killer Asparagus," this book takes you into a dystopian world where invasive plants raid refrigerators and birds are for more terrifying than Alfred Hitchock ever imagined.

Coffee for Roses

By C.L. Fornari

Word-of-mouth gardening tips can be a very bad idea. The age-old practice of passing along gardening tips and tricks is no guarantee you will get a good might even do the opposite. In her new book, garden expert C.L. Fornari looks at 71 common garden practices and uncovers the truth behind the lore. With humor and affection, she goes back in time to sort out the good, the bad and the just plain silly...and tells us why.

The 20-30 Something Garden Guide

By Dee Nash

The 20/30-Something Garden Guide gives that busy, mostly urban, demographic a fun, non-intimidating introduction to the basics of gardening. This generation wants to know where their food comes from, and they’re hip to the importance of good health and the environment. Great gift idea for your children and grandchildren!

Windowsill Art

By Nancy Ross Hugo

The windowsill can serve as a stage for intentional arrangements – small, simple displays that celebrate the seasons and reflect the personal style of their creators. The author's fresh approach uses bottles, jars and other small vases to showcase arrangements of locally collected leaves, seedpods, flowers, fruits and twigs. In Windowsill Art the reader will learn how to find and display materials, why some containers work better than others, how to combine materials – and simple techniques to enhance creative possibilities.

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