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Tips for Creating the Perfect English Garden
by Pano Savvidis
August 10, 2014

A traditional English garden is a thing of true beauty, and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve at home. Below are some tips for creating your very own English garden.

Traditionally, an English cottage garden had no formal landscaping but instead has a straight path leading to the front door, which passes through lawless flowerbeds overflowing with a riot of colourful plants. To achieve the look at home takes a little more planning but still retains the essence of a traditional garden. It can be really useful to sketch out a rough plan of your garden to get a better idea of where you want different elements to go. If you have a greenhouse then this can be the ideal planning space and the perfect base for your project!

Create Distinct Spaces
While you want to keep the unstructured feel of a traditional English garden, creating distinct spaces will bring a sense of purpose and tranquility. Use seating to create space to relax and enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds and scents. Why not try Garden Store Direct for storage and seating options to help you create distinct spaces and make the most of your new garden.

Scatter Wildflower Seeds
Wildflowers are perfect for an English garden as they really capture the feel of a wild meadow. Make sure to plant seedlings in June when there is no longer any danger of frost. Many breeds of wildflowers, as well as moss, ferns and other greenery, can be easily transplanted from nearby woodland areas or from a friend’s garden for low-cost options – just make sure to ask for permission before taking anything! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour – even clashing colours. You’re going for a varied and vibrant mix of all kinds of plants to keep a relaxed feel.

Attract Wildlife
No English garden would be complete without an abundance of wildlife, so attract as much as you can. Put out dishes of water for hedgehogs and other small creatures. The more you put out seeds and other food for birds the more will come to your garden – so put out a bird table and go for it. Before you know it you’ll have an array of birds to watch over your coffee in the morning.

Embrace Roses
Roses are quintessential in creating the perfect English garden, so embrace them! Climbing roses are fantastic and bring a very natural feel. If you want to bring a modern twist then you could go for some brightly coloured roses. For a truly traditional essence, go for larger briar roses. They’re not what many people think of when they imagine roses but will really look fantastic and compliment wildflowers, enhancing the organic finish you’re going for.

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