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How to Light up Your Garden
by Pano Savvidis
July 21, 2014

Summer is the time of year that you really want to show off your outdoor space and in the UK in particular it is the only time of year that you can really stay outside in the evening. Some countries are lucky enough to keep the day's heat right through until bedtime but in the UK the heat quickly disappears when the sun sets making outdoor living virtually impossible apart from in the very height of summer. So in the glorious two months of July and August we Brits really want to make the most of our outdoor space and as such we have got some fantastic tips for creating an outdoor space to be proud of whatever the weather, time of day or season.

How Do You Use Your Garden?
Consider the function of your outdoor space before making any major changes: Is it mainly an entertaining area for evening BBQ's and bottled beer or is it more of an afternoon play area for the children? What you use your space for will dictate what the best changes are to make to your space to get the most out of it in the summer. To help make it really clear what the space is used for write a list of everyone that uses the space and what they use it for. Write down any other functions too for example if you need outdoor storage or space for herbs and vegetables to grow too. This will help you to make well informed decisions about how to improve your space.

Maximise Potential
Outdoor spaces can be used all day; from eating breakfast outside first thing in a morning right through until sipping on bedtime Horlicks. But it can only be used in this way if you maximise the potential of your space so start by considering potential barriers to the use of your outdoor space. If you know that there is often a chill in the air during the evening, then perhaps install chairs with under seat storage where warm fleecy blankets can be stashed away until needed. If your garden is particularly dark, then consider installing some LED lights to provide atmospheric and efficient garden lighting for when the sun sets.

Considering Safety
Whenever you are considering taking on DIY projects it is important that you think carefully about the health and safety implications for the household residents both during the installation and also on completion of the work. This is particularly important if you have young children or curious pets who may come into bother accidently. If you are unsure about anything then do consult a professional for advice.


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