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Tree House Planning Permission
by Pano Savvidis
July 21, 2014

Luckily, unless you are building a really elaborate structure you don't normally need to seek planning permission to build a tree house in your garden. However, there are still lots of important things to consider before you build your magnificent wooden structure in the sky. If you have always wanted a tree house of your own but haven't felt confident enough to build one then you have come to the right place, read on for some confidence boosting information and easy ways to get started.

First Things First
Make sure that you check out the health of the tree you are planning to use as a base for your structure before making any major plans. You need to make sure that both the trunk and any relevant branches are strong and sturdy, that the roots are well established and will hold true and that there is no evidence of any parasites that could weaken the tree or damage your structure. Once you have done this and you are happy that your tree is suitable, you should talk to any neighbours that might be affected by the build. This is more for courtesy than anything else but it is best that any problems are ironed out at this stage.

Failure to Plan
Next on the tree house checklist is to carefully plan out your structure choosing an overall design, support mechanism, access method and incorporating any relevant safety features like railings for balconies. Once you have got it all drawn out on paper, take accurate measurements and add these to your design sheet, you may even find it helpful to make a cardboard model at this stage to see how things fit together. It is also a good time to gather together any equipment or tools that you might need for the build; Electric power tools such as a nail gun can make the difference between a ten minute job and an hour long chore.

The Build
Make sure that you attempt the build on a day when you don't have anything else planned as it may take longer than you have anticipated. It is also helpful to have at least two adult helpers to hold things in place, measure, check that floors are level and so on. Even thought the tree house is most likely for children, it is safer to keep them out of the way during the build as it can be a bit dangerous for them to be around power tools and half built platforms and so on. Lastly, don't try and build outdoors in the pouring rain even if it means having to change the planned build day.


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