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Comments on Hawaiian Surfers Protesting Genetic Engineering
by Scott Darrohn
January 5, 2014

Colle Farmers Market, an organic food advocate, responds to an article published by Surfer Magazine on December 18th, which discusses the protests involving genetic engineering on Hawaiian soil.

According to the Surfer Magazine article titled “Surfers Say No to GMOs,” Hawaiian citizens and organic advocates were protesting against the genetic engineering experiments happening in Hawaii. The article says Kamehameha Schools leased 1000 acres of land to Monsanto, the company that has been performing the genetic modification experiments.

Most developed countries have banned this type of experimentation, mainly because of the potential environmental harm these experiments could have. However, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered foods are still legal in the United States. The article says, "This push came on the heels of the recently passed Kauai Bill 2491—legislation requiring companies to disclose their use of GMOs, pushed through after the city council overturned the mayor’s veto weeks before the opening of Hawaii’s legislature."

A representative from Colle Farmers Market, an organic food advocate, says if more people adopted an organic lifestyle, the amount of GMO foods will decrease. “We should be eating food the way nature intended,” he says. “Organic food is all natural, and free from preservatives, chemicals, and pesticides. Humans were not designed to eat food made in a lab or developed with chemicals. We were made to eat fresh food. GMOs are genetically engineered organisms that are produced in a lab and have the potential to significantly harm our bodies and environment.”

The Colle rep says organic food also helps to keep the soil healthy. “GMOs and conventional farming can have horrible affects on the ground soil,” he says. “By advocating and adopting an organic lifestyle, farmers and consumers can ensure help keep the environment healthy. We applaud these Hawaiians and surfers for standing up for what they believe in and raising awareness.”

Colle Farmers Market is an E-Commerce enabled farmer’s market community that is passionate about sustainable consumption and responsible conservation. The Colle movement is dedicated to connecting natural product vendors, organic farmers and all people who are living an organic and natural lifestyle.

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